Nerf Phoebe/Miko combo

There’s too much abuse of this invincible phoebe bullcrap going on. I submit that miko is the real problem, not phoebe. I am suggesting that miko be given gradual diminishing returns on keeping his healing beam on the same target, so as to mitigate the issue of effectively making characters invincible.

you thing thats bad? 4 of us went up against a montana getting healed by miko AND ambra and couldn’t kill him.

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Oh man, “feelin the burn” to fire infinitely sounds awesome.

The Trick is to focus down Miko ^^ but yeah it is a pain in the ass and it is very hard to focus him down while Rath Phoebe and a Tank are hitting you and get healed by him. So i think there must be some energydrain for him so he could not spam his heal such a long time.

Most characters can out damage mikos healing beam anyway. I wish I could make allies invincible as you claim, but thats just not the case.

According to what I’ve read, unmodded vs unmodded, Miko’s healing beam outpaces DPS.

While all of his skills are active, maybe, but otherwise I don’t think so. Miko should be able to out heal DPS characters anyway tho.

No. He shouldn’t. A healer should not trump a DPS simply because they heal. Healing is a form of mitigation and out of combat recovery. It should not be an easy button.

Why not? I like easy buttons.

actually, he should outpace dps on an average character. This is a team game, and they’re acting as one. so should you.

I’m going to refer you to my “healing in combat is only ever meant as mitigation.” comment from before. This is a simple irrefutable fact. And I’ll also refer you to your own post, describing a montana being healed from 2 battleborn who proved virtually invincible.

A: irrefutable fact. B:counter-point to your “work together” argument, that you yourself posited.

MY stance is that only one healer should be allowed per team. How do you know gearbox doesn’t want miko to not just be a stop gap to an inevitable death, but an actual, useful character?

Healing isn’t a “stop gap” to dying, it should buy time. If someone’s getting healed as they’re attacked, they take less dps because of the restoration, perhaps allowing them to kill their attacker.

Miko would be useful even with a nerf to his heals. First of all, no one is intended to sustain combat forever. The death would only be inevitable in the case of combat never ceasing. If someone dies because they refuse to fall back and catch their breath, they SHOULD die, rather than continue to steamroll because there’s nothing to keep them from doing it. If Miko had diminishing returns or a resource to the heal beam, it would add a layer of tactical thinking to Miko. at current, he’s just an overpowered version of a TF2 Medic. It takes literally no skill or thought to do what he does.

Secondly, Miko brings more than just healing to the table, as anyone who’s using Miko’s full kit will tell you. If you nerfed his heal, he wouldn’t suddenly become irrelevant. As he is, his heals are simply too powerful.

You keep ignoring the fact that mid-combat healing is specifically a mitigation tactic, not intended to make a character immortal. And let’s not forget that Miko becomes an equally impossible choice to kill with the right helix choices. It’s not a matter of not enough guns, or not focusing the right targets. It’s simply 2v2 of Miko and anyone vs any two other battleborn should, by the definition of balance, still have a 50/50 chance of ending either way. Sure, there are other factors that swing it one way or another, but at this point there are certain team compositions that are just literal guaranteed victories. That’s not balance.

Step 1: focus the miko
Step 2: focus the batman
Step 3: collect underpants
Step 4: ???
Step 5: kill the batman
Step 6: profit.

I actually love seeing an enemy healer stuck to a squishy. Stun the squishy, out DPS the healing while the poor support sits there and watches… If they don’t know better, anyway. If you’re trying to out DPS a Miko that popped a shroom and biosynthesis by yourself you aren’t playing smart, it’s just that simple. Focus targets with your teammates. If your enemies are out healing the damage someone on your side is failing to contribute. Healing seriously isn’t amazingly strong in this game.

If anything, Miko needs a buff to his heals, that way he could out heal the DPS of Montana’s minigun.

My particular experience speaks in contrast to everything you guys are saying, and you’re just ignoring the points I’m making at this point. I’m sick of reiterating the same things and having them just blatantly ignored.

It’s because you’re wrong.

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considering no one has actually invalidated my points, I can’t be wrong. You’re just being illogical saying that.