Nerf Phoebe/Miko combo

one healer, only able to heal one person at a time, should absolutely outpace dps. That’s literally the entire point of a healer. If anything I think it needs a buff. Squishy players like Benedict and Marquis will die even while being healed.

No. See, again, that’s not the entire point of a healer. You just refuse to acknowledge that in-combat healing is LITERALLY. ALWAYS. A MITIGATION TACTIC.

What are you actually harping on about? What other games have you played?

I play Elder Scrolls at the moment, and healers can keep teams alive against bosses and other players in PvP. Teams always target the healer, the ranged then the melee. It’s no different here. If Miko is healing, stun, kill, team up on Montana. It’s called team tactics…

The problem with this game is one team may have a healer, and the other doesn’t. One team plays as A TEAM, the other doesn’t.

I don’t know of ANY games where healing is only mitigation. Like none. Darth basically said what i keep saying.

I read your points but I’m just suggesting that healing could be more than a mitigation tactic. What if healing lets tanks just be ridiculously hard to kill to the point where you can’t take on a tank with just one person? I’d be awesome.

It would be awesome (and only for the team with the healer…) but it’d make heal supports better than shield supports to the point where the latter would just not be played.

Maybe buff sheild supports to this level to make sheilds basically unbreakable? That way you would have a choice on how you choose to go about making tanks unkillable

If you buff shield supports to that level, they’d be better. As it stands, heal supports use sustained healing to keep people alive, wheras shield supports use burst ‘healing’ to keep people alive. Either they dole out unbreakable shields but then are free to do other things while Ambra and Miko are stuck beaming things, or force them to use sustained ‘healing’ which would make them play very similarly to heal supports and remove character diversity, which is bad.

I honestly don’t quite understand what the issue is, no battleborn is currently invincible due to Miko’s heal rate with the exception being if the target is under biosynthesis and the mushroom ultimate. The heal beam’s base rate is around 60 hp/s and the only person that deals less damage than that is… Maybe Caldarius using only the TMP? Even then we are talking a 2 on 1 scenario. There is absolutely no match-up that cannot out DPS Miko’s healing- including Miko using Kunai.

When we get into damage reductions and skill effects it changes to an extent, but never to the point where one character can stay consistently “invincible” without downtime. And even if that were possible the Miko itself remains a valid target.

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Eh, Miko’s healing beam does NOT outheal damage dealing characters. When he has Biosynthesis active, he does however.
“But tha’s unfair, mate!” I’ve seen some people say.
How is it unfair that Miko heals more than you do NORMAL damage when he uses a skill?

So the Phoebe/Miko combo is not that hard to counter. Me and my sister(Miko and my Phoebe) are quite a good team. So when she Phasegates, I am pretty far away most of the time. Then I can be taken out or chased away quite easily.
Also, we have gear sets that support each other. I have healing sets, she has a gear item that increases healing rechieved. That’s tactical and team play, but not invincible if you take out the healer first.

@tmcbron I can make people seemingly invincible. As long as I make sure they survive the initial burst they will not die

Not sure what’s going on with Miko’s healing, buuuut, I have killed Miko, both pro and noob, with Caldarius, and Isic, and have even saved my team’s life from a miko+whatever, combo with Reyna…


How Caldarius: Flank and flash, do some hit’s, run away, Miko generally runs away, or we trade kill (70% of the time I win without Miko’s allies killing me, and I run with low HP)

How Isic: It doesn’t matter how much heal you can do with Miko, Isic’s twin mini gun prevent’s healing with sustainted damage, work’s especially well on Montana, with the main cannon doing most of the DPS

How Reyna: Shield and heal, target, punish; Miko doesn’t die, but instead I would have done enough damage to make him run away…

A lot of you guy’s, just don’t know how to handle Miko… (Mind you I never once played Miko) If anything, saying he need’s a nerf, only kind of show’s your own lack of teamwork and ability, to handle a Miko+anything.

Yes, it is annoying, yes it does SEEM OP. But so long as the team work’s together, rushes the healer, uses flanks and such to get behind the enemy (most attacker’s aren’t watching every avenue, so I can definitely say that it is, VERY, easy to flank miko, I’ve done it every game as caldarius, Galilea, and Phoebe), It can be done, Miko can be killed.

If you still think he need’s to be nerfed, I should mind you, I’m a noob, I haven’t played the initial test version, or the closed beta, and I only played those, what? 9 days of the beta? or was it 10? I’ve gone up against the combination’s, and I’ve done admirably in some, not so much in other’s, and as I got the hang of team ups and punishing player’s for their aggressiveness (like wise getting punished), I became more adept on taking out even the best Miko player’s.

(I played the ps4 beta)

So if I, a noob can do it, what does that say about you? (I am arrogant, yes, I see the problem, but I know the answer’s to the problem, which mean’s I can deal with it, and yes I am also somewhat insulting you, because clearly, you’re being plain salty (original post, and other nerf sayer’s)… I’ve learned to handle it, why can’t you?

One last thing, the Phoebe Miko combo, never usually work’s, most of the time, phoebe’s out stretch due to teleportation and get behind you, making it a bit unusual, but easier to deal with, if Phoebe’s not using her teleport ability, she still dies very quickly, under sustained damage, make sure you’ve got someone for sustained damage, or a tank, that generally helps… Remember, it’s not oftenly about actually killing someone? Ya either destroy the wolf tank, or get the minion’s in Minrac’s (<< I dont remember his name) mouth, killing the battleborn should only be somehting to worry about, if you’re losing ground, and want to push in, sometime’s, also poking at where you need to go (getting around them and poking the wolf spider in this case) could also get them to ease up you, less of them, more of you.