Nerf rath ultimate

no hero should have a 1 shot ultimate knockup,silience,ultimate dead. runaway gather shards come back and repeat. i would rather fight gali over him

I’m not going to make assumptions that it’s imbalanced or whatever, since I haven’t played Rath since the beta due to personal preference. But I have been frustrated by his Ultimate on multiple occasions, and constantly wonder what the heck I did wrong or how I could’ve avoided dying.

Good ways to stop it are CC and quick melee, but two things, 1, it keeps you stuck in the air sometimes and you can’t melee him at all while still taking rapid damage, and 2, you are often silenced, and it drives me nuts that I can’t do anything to stop him no matter what.

From what I’ve seen, his ULT is probably the only one I’ve seen that can instantly kill someone with full hp (I might be mistaken, but this happens alot), and I often see Rath’s who have are on the top of the scoreboard (due to the broken system of only counting kills and assists, which thankfully Gearbox said they are changing), and it leaves me wondering, especially with how he is easier to play than a lot of other heroes.

I’m sure it’s counterable to an extent, but it frustrates me, it’s sort of my pet peeve, and it’s hard to figure out how to survive it.

only way i have been able to survive it is if i have a character that has a right click that is a shield. any other hero is instantly dead and sometimes even dead before you hit the ground

agree 100%

rath is op.

at least imo he i s dam nnear impossible to kill when he has his ultimate.

his ultimate does enough damage to kill 5 players at once and its damn near impossible to react quick enough if he does it behind tyou. you will already be near 20% hp before u can even figure out where he is hitting u from.

The problem with Rath is actually a problem with melee in general.
Though in Raths case specifically, I would be in favor of doubling the spin time and halving the damage. Hell, make it scale up based on enemies hit (To a cap) but make it weaker to use on a single target.

The issue i find with Melee is that Gearbox understood that Ranged will always have the advantage over Melee, So they boosted the damage of Melee characters so that the time they ARE in melee range they can really do damage.
But then they went overboard and gave all the control effects to melee characters too.

-High Damage Melee.
-Control Effects.

One or the other, not both at once as is currently the case.
As is, Rath can shoot a Crossblade to slow you at a huge distance, then knock-up with a 5 second Silence also from a fair range then Sprint into melee and tear your face off with the boosted melee damage.

Fix the imbalance in control effects between Melee and Ranged and you’ll bring a lot currently OP characters into line with everyone else.

I think that other aspects of Rath need rebalancing and buffing, whilist his Ult needs to be toned down.

Rath is not OP i find him very balanced, if he spins at you just quick melee him to knock him back, he is very bouncy at that state


I think a big issue with silence poeple have is it resets peoples cooldowns without the player using them and that is frustrating especially when poeple have 80 sec cool downs

if he spins at you just quick melee him to knock him back, he is very bouncy at that state

Exactly. Rath gets easy kills on scrubs like me because we panic. Don’t try to run away. Knock him back.

I think a big issue with silence poeple have is it resets peoples cooldowns without the player using them and that is frustrating especially when poeple have 80 sec cool downs

Really? I did not know this. If that’s the case, it should be changed, or being silenced needs to be WAY more obvious.

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ya i hate it!!!

my Boomsday is on such a long cooldown and ill get silenced stunned etc and it gets a full reset on the timmer. that is just wrong. i get it is part of the character mechanic to silence or stun but its only suppose to be for a few secs not cripple the player for 80 secs!

ok another comment on OP, if a hero has saved up all his skills they can kill most any other hero. so it’s not just rath

That I find very annoying and hope there will be a fix for it. Silence should prevent from casting abilities, not to reset it and put in on cooldown.

I don’t usually have a problem with Rath’s ultimate, but when all three are applied in quick succession, it becomes a bit of a problem for me. Mine is how high the Ult can hit. I like playing Thorn and choosing the helix point to give her a higher jump. And if you’ve seen how high she can jump, you know she can easily jump and clear most ledges. But how come when you jump w/Thorn from Rath’s Ult, your still being hit? Even in midair. Rath players have gotten a few midair kills on me because of his Ult and I’m trying to jump out of it.

Wrong. It only cancels if you are currently using the skill; If you get silenced while casting something, you lose it. You have been outplayed and should learn from it.

Rath’s ultimate is honestly perfectly fine and balance. It has clear forms of counterplay and it makes himself quite predictable in movement.

All forms of disables are good against it. Slows will make it so he can never catch you where as Silence, Knock back, Knock ups, stuns, etc will CANCEL his ultimate.

The only reason you think its too strong is because of Catalytic Flash, which adds a 3 second silence debuff on his Catalytic Smash. That helix upgrade eliminates any chance for counter play. That’s what you should be complaining about instead of Dreadwind.

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His ult fits him. Easily countered with a stun, knock-back, knock-up…does silence stop his dreadwind? His ultimate will KO almost any squishy but I stood in his ult as Montana and came out with plenty of hp to finish him off. Most of the time I would just shoulder check him into a wall and T-off on his head. Montana just counters him really well. As does Galilea or pretty much any tank.

On the side subject, I have never seen a silence reset my cooldown on any of my ult’s. Not saying it doesn’t happen and if it does I would bet they will be fixing it.

Quick melee > watch rath cry as he spin too far to deal any damage.

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