Nerf the Hex - homing shouldnt be that game breaking

So on the list if things that are completely ruining the core gameplay, everything that does super high damage and is homing on top of it really needs to be addressed.

The hex is not the only issue with this combination but its the most prevalent. (Theres other even stronger options for that but pssst)

If 1 guy in your group has the a good Hex mod in M3 Proving Grounds. The game is just over. You can go afk and come back after that 1 person has Hex spammed the entire Instance to death with 0 effort.

There are other grenade mods, especially legendaries, that desperately need buffs. Im thinking of the fastball here for example but also the red queen and most of the other legendary grenade mods tbh.

Homing and high damage shouldnt be a combination that is this spammable.

A grenade spammer.


Why is everyone on such a major nerf train???
We literally had to deal with Salvador in Borderlands 2 who could literally never die if he had a DPUH and a grog nozzle and could get a money shot chain to quite literally disintegrate any raid boss in the game.


So you want the nade nerfed because it’s too powerful but you want other buffed up so what? Be as powerful as the nade you want nerfed?

Someone else can post a thread saying that they are now overpowered?

I’m not following your logic or I totally didnt understand your post.


This game has had too many nerfs already. Hard pass on this idea. Buff the weaker legendary grenades, but Hex is fine as is.


Also this game franchise is quite literally meant to make the characters into walking behemoths. Why nerf anything honestly.


Because there is literally no game left if you have a good hex mod. No aim, no talent, no brain. Just stupid.

You press hex you collect loot you press hex you collect loot.

At that point you might as well just be donating sperm. At least that gets you real world value.


Tell that to all the sal mains in Borderlands 2 my friend.

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That’s the issue.

It was everyones goal is borderlands to make an OP character. That’s why we all spent countless hrs farming. To get gear and loot to melt bosses

Now, people whkne and complain about it. Makes no sense to me.


If they had just nerfed Salvador instead of continuing to pile on the OP levels with little regard for anyone else’s abilites, BL2’s end-game probably would’ve been more enjoyable for the other classes.

If you buff everything too much, then you have to buff the enemies too in order for them to present some kind of challenge. Then we end up with OP levels all over again.


Then dont use it.

Cracks me up when people say certain things are too powerful

Here’s your answer, dont use it or dont spec into it. Problem solved.


In borderlands 2 all it took to play sal was “dur hur… me hold R 2 and L 2 and collect loot haha” (or whatever your respective button is)

At least salvador still had to aim in the general direction of enemies. Not required for the Hex.

Yes Salvador took more skill than Hex.

Krieg was quite fun to play all they up to op8 (10). Whatever.

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Let people enjoy gear that they get. If you don’t wanna play with people who use it then simply just take them out of your game.
Also yes… Salvador had to aim… so he takes at least 1 more point of skill than hex. But hex is nothing compared to Salvador. If you don’t like hex, kick people out of your game that use it (even though that’s not a cool thing to do). If you don’t like being broken in a game that’s designed to make you broken, then… idk don’t play it?

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To be honest they should be buffing a lot of things.
For example, they need to buff Moze’s mech for Mayhem mode. Right now the mech is just “oh crap I gotta regen my shield really quick and get out immediately”. It does no damage at Mayhem 2 or 3 and it’s quite stupid how it doesn’t scale.


If you keep things like Hex spam as they are, then what happens is that more people start using it because of all the videos showing how good it is.

This means that future content has to be balanced on the assumption that lots of people will be using these things. Which means that for the people who want to use other strategies/builds, well that’s too bad because their builds will now be wholly ineffective against the over-tuned content.

If you buffed other things to be on the Hex’s level, then the entire game would become a total joke.

It’s one thing to need specific gear to make an OP build. For the Hex, though, you just need it and enough skill points to spec Means of Destruction and Pull the Holy Pin on Moze.

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Well there’s an obvious fix to this!
Don’t use it.


Me not using it wouldn’t change the fact that Gearbox would have to design future content around the idea of other people using it.

The overall problem doesn’t disappear just because one person chooses not to use the problematic thing.


Sounds like that should have been addressed tbh.

No build should be able to faceroll at the highest difficulty at all. If people want to play in godmode, play easy mode.

Higher difficulty should make the game difficult. But now it is just something that people feel entitled to faceroll through. At some point higher difficulties will be introduced and those will be “balanced” around the top-end builds, which will end up being the only viable ones.

How to ruin endgame 101.


Grog wasn’t even introduced till Tiny Tina, the third DLC.

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No but there’s also there are gonna be a ton of people that don’t feel like using it simply because they find it boring. And honestly at some point everyone who uses the grenade will get bored of it.
Salavador was a different story. He was actually fun for the most part so nobody got bored of him even though he is and will always be the most broken character in the franchise. Also getting him to level 80 OP 10 is a slog so it feels like you earn it.
Another thing about the Hex grenade is that it really isn’t a good boss tool. I mean if you’re moze you get infinite health but let’s be real here, none of the bosses really test your health very often and every character has another way of regenning health.