Nerf to galilea and ambra

Dam gear box you nerfed them to hard this update ambra isn’t play able anymore and galiliea mutations are pointless now after Nerf

I’d have to disagree. For Ambra, not everyone can play her expecting a high score now. You need to know her skills and helix to be able to still get a high score. For Galilea, her helix nerfed mutations are not pointless they just address some issues with her ability. They kept what they wanted and the other helix options for her are viable.

Heck, you don’t even need that, you just need to use her as a support character, not an attacker. I picked her up only once before the nerf, hated that it was easy mode, but gave her a shot after it and now I know she’ll be one of my mains. Galilea’s nerf did the same thing; she has to be played defensively, as a tank I think the nerf hit a good sweet spot for both of them. Heck, I can still get a respectable KDA ratio with Ambra by just using her skills, staying near my teammates and dropping sunspots near snipers to protect my tank. Don’t know for sure about Gali, never was good with her anyway lol

The point is they weren’t supposed to be the DPS machines they were. They are supposed to be a healer and a tank.

So its not that they are nerfed its that they are fixed

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Gal is still a DPS machine, as a Deande main I still can’t measure up to her output in PvE at all. I can’t really say about PvP as I have not encountered her in PvP since her adjustment. I think Ambra was adjusted quite well though.

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