Nerfed boyo's OPQ

So, it looks like it’s RIP for the OPQ on July 23rd, 2020.

Also, what were the “interactions” with “various class mods” that led to damage miscalculations? I haven’t seen nor heard of anybody using any mods other than the Seein’ Dead, let alone using some sort of exploit.

Seems like they nerfed the recursion as well, but that’s more of an everybody problem and not just a Zane problem.

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I’m glad. The OPQ was honestly ridiculous

There was some odd interaction in the way the damage formula was constructed that allowed Zane’s clone to double-dip (and potentially more than double) on the Mayhem Level damage boosts. This is mentioned in the patch notes (see the BL3 News section)

IOW the massive damage Clone could deal with OPQ was NOT what was intended. So, Clone easy mode is over, but I’m not sure I’d necessarily consider that a bad thing.

The class mod thing boggles me too, haven’t heard of anyone using Shockerator for imba annihilation.

Recursion will be fine. We have only 4 elements and playing dirty. Edit: or it won’t

Yeah, really want somebody to tell me what com it was and what the “levels of damage” were that got nerfed.

I don’t really mind the OPQ too much as it was clearly not intended, I stopped using it because the clone would annihilate everything before I could even get a shot off if that shock blast triggered.

I think the 4 additional projectiles (not elements?) change to the added element ASE is going to completely destroy some people’s builds. There’s testing to be done, but if it really is only adding a max of 4 additional elemental projectiles that’s hugely different.

Not just only 4 - it’s none at all. You get the extra elemental damage on target but not a single extra projectile.

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So is it just me or did they just reduce the damage output by millions of DPS with this change? No extra projectiles is damn near nuts.

I guess all those people talking about the ASE anoints ruining the game will be happy, though because those extra projectiles are what started the arms race.

I read that way different. Yeah shooting recursion now is like

Yup massive dps gone but not a single buff to replace it. Recursion is sadness but the rowans and queens are pretty depressed right now as well.

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The Seven Sense is a waste of gear space now. I purposely spend time getting it recently for all my characters to add to my builds. Pfff look what happen, its depressing to use it now. I dont get it, the slow projectiles on top of reloading to get the added damage seemed pretty balanced. Maybe thats me tho.

Does it spawn fewer projectiles than before or none at all?

Only spawns like 2 or 3 now at the most after reload. Really sad.

@YIPIKIYA @VaultHunter101 The Seventh Sense now only spawns basically the normal number of orbs that it would if you didn’t proc your ASE elements. So whereas you could stack up 3 times the projectiles after proc’ing ASEs before (the normal number, plus 2 additional orbs for each orb that spawned), now you basically just get 1/3 the damage on the weapon after proc’ing ASEs. These numbers aren’t 100% accurate, because you can get up to 4 total additional projectile orbs, but when you are going from 25-30 projectile orbs to 6-10, it’s basically about 1/3.

Or at least that is what I have been able to tell.

Thanks for the info - I don’t think I’d ever quite figured the Seventh Sense out in the first place!

Clone is far from being fixed or not being ez mode, it is ridiculous even with opq never existing