Nerfed Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge vs BIS Victory Rush Elemental Projector + anointments

Yes I’ve seen stacking on COMs. I looked at a drop I got and had to do a double take because it only had two lines of stats. After looking closely, I saw the stats for one was double what it should have been.

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Wow ok so I guess you could have 80% splash on the com and 80% on the relic.

You will have to forgive my skepticism, but the chance of that happening on a COM seems extremely remote.

It is far more likely to happen on an artifact because they pick from two pools of stat parts and the pools partially overlap – and even then, I’ve only ever had one artifact with double stats drop.

I had more COMs with only two stats than artifacts, so as always rng.

the only damage pool that overlaps on artifact is grenade damage. the gun-type damage rolls only exist in the primary pool, and AoE can only roll from the secondary pool.

its far more likely on COMs. COMs roll 2 stat rolls and then legendary COMs get an additional roll from a secondary pool. the 2 pools are identical with no variation.

So having x2 splash on the artifact wouldn’t be possible but it would be on the COM?

Artifacts get Ravaging in the primary pool so they technically do get it from both pools.

Though this discussion is straying outside of forum policy so I think further discussion should probably be taken to PM’s.

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i stand corrected. and agree.

Finally, thank you, I got into a discussion with someone implying the Pearl got nerfed into the ground and I was like no, but I didn’t have numbers to back what I was saying off the top of my head. Hearing this I’ll still keep working on my Moze build I’ve been doing for the last two weeks.

If I got that kind of roll on Elemental prjector XD I would so use it on my Moze Red Suit Radiation buil. XD lol. Anyway. RNG has refused to bless meh.

go here for a much better explanation of how the damage works for it and scroll down to the pearl section.

I think CH anoint on the gun, blast master and icebreaker victory rush sounds like a well rounded combo.

pearl + 125 n2m should be stronger with blast master in most cases.

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wouldn’t 160 splash still be better than 125 fire for a splash weapon with the pearl? It applies to grenades (Mindsweeper as well) and short fuse plus it never suffers negative elemental bonuses like fire.

you’re already getting splash from blast masters effect and COM stats, so unless you’re in an armor + shield dense area, iirc 125 n2m should give you the strongest boost to output, especially with multi-pellet weapons.

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Yeh makes sense, but flesh enemies are pretty easy on Moze anyways and the toughest enemies usually have a good amount of armour and shield. Personally I prefer having something that helps in the most difficult scenarios. Also considering that grenades are a pretty decent chunk of Moze’s damage with a BBB, 160 splash sounds better overall for a low pellet splash weapon imo.

Not necessarily. Next 2 mags doesn’t benefit from splash, it’s very rarely the mathematically strongest option with Blast Master. With Short Fuse in the Mix I doubt it would ever win.

N2m and splash while different should be thought of as 1 modifier when you think of diminishing returns. Stacking one reduces the effect of the other. Blast Master Moze also has a strong affinity to go splash over n2m whenever possible.

This isn’t quite as true with how Short Fuse scales on splash damage guns. When utilized well, the splash multipliers are able to apply twice, which drastically shifts when and where diminishing returns become a factor. The 125% incendiary doesn’t interact with the splash multipliers at all, so on a splash gun it’s not ideal when compared to things like Consecutive Hits and 160% splash.

So given what has been discussed in this topic do y’all think something like [This] would be better with the pearl/n2m/splash over the victory rush/ch

And [This] better with the victory rush/ch over the pearl/n2m/splash

Ik that the splash weapon anoint is usually more sought after because of its interaction with short fuse, but would love to hear everyone’s take on the specs, thank.

For the uninformed
N2M= next 2 mags +125 incendiary damage
Splash= +160 splash damage
CH= consecutive hits aka +200% gun damage

First spec is fine, with the second I would go 3/3 stoke the embers since you also got experimental munitions. With Forge I prefer putting points into Scrappy then matched set since you usually have enough ammo regen for small mags, depends which weapons you like to use ofc.

Regarding the pearl vs victory rush and anointments, you have short fuse in both so for any fast firing splash weapon, 160 splash+pearl would be best and ch>n2m. With a maddening tracker you can get some mileage out of the pearl even with an ion cannon (although best not to use a pearl with that since you’ll run out of grenades). I would consider the victory rush if you have a total god roll with shotgun/splash/magsize, @Prismatic did a calculation yesterday and found is superior with the boom sickle, although the spec he was considering did not have Short Fuse so that may be a big factor.

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