Nerfing Legendaries but this is ok?

I was farming Road Dog last night (offline) and after about 2 hours I managed to get a Redline! YAY!!

I went to sell the back pack full of blues and purples and almost sold this, how did they nerf Flakker but let this gun exist?!


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in offline perhaps yes, in online the dmg will be waaay lower, maybe around the 5k mark, idk about blues, but purples are around 5k (well the best ones atleast, some are like 400+ dmg too).

It all depends on a part it has, magazine? idk, it grants a massive boost to splash dmg I think. Correct me if I’m wrong for sure.

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You are offline it is already included in the earlier hotfix. It will probably be included in the november patch.

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I uploaded it to Onedrive so I had to be online. Now I have to go back and check. Oh well. I got the Redline finally. I’m happy.

I love my purple 646x10 shockwaves :wink:

From one of the earlier hot fixes:

“E-Tech shotgun elemental damage has been reduced from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot””

That’s why the dmg is so high in offline.

Edit: they are still pretty damn good though, I have a good one on my siren, fire element, huge dmg.

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Sirens anyway have buffs to elemental damage, that’s why they are still good.
I once got a 15k dot (one shot) with a projectile recursion, was amazing, melted like butter in a oven.
And the screams are golden. :rofl:

They are pretty good on any character tbh, I used to use it all the time on my fl4k before passing it on to my siren. But you are right, the elemental dmg is higher on a siren.

I’m actually farming SS everyday on m3 hoping to get other elements, preferably a radiation one, but no luck yet. They are pretty rare imo, same goes for the x2 lumps. Only found one corrosive and one fire element that gives 2 projectiles (6k*2 balls wrecking everything haha)

Alien guns are awesome.

What do you need? I mean i stumble upon tons of them, but have no space, would need to activate the next mule. So if you tell me what you search, I can simply send it while on the road.

So purple shockwaves and projectile recursions with radiation? If possible with gamma burst annointment? If so and you are on the X, send me your GT via PM and i send them to you if I stumble upon any.

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I appreciate the gesture, for sure, thnx man. But I like farming my own gear, always have, always will. That way I Always have something to do in game! I like to torture myself sometimes and bang my head on the wall, but when it finally drops, that feeling is too good to pass.

Again appreciate it though, but I’ll pass. Thnx!!!

Well, like you want, but I mean four eyes see more than two. :wink:

Haha, yeah you are right there.

Anyway we should stop hogging this thread and let people get back on topic if they so desire.

Peace… Vince

Alright then, but i guess it wasn’t too departing from that topic.

When someone tells you, you were playing offline. They aren’t talking about your internet connection. They just mean you entered the game without allowing it to apply the hotfixes on the main menu. The protuberance was already nerfed a long time ago.