Nerfing the sabouteur

Gearbox if you read this u have to nerf the sabouteur mission im trying to unlock a character and this mission is nearly impossible at the third console whwn u get theyre a lot of enemies appear and deal major damage ive been playing on this mission almost all day and i am tired of getting mission faliure please nerf this

It’s already been nerfed, or rather the defense points have been buffed. Play on a lower difficulty or with less players, or play with a different character.

Less players means less and weaker enemies, most missions are much easier solo.

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Thx man for the info but im still trying to get ghalt and i need to complete this mission i need help im on xbox one

What time do you play?

I play all the time

Well tomorrow afternoon I could probably help.

Ok thx man whats ur gamertag

Same as username

The sentries still need some buff, on Advanced mode if your team manages to rush into that last area and get some up quickly every turret you built will be destroyed in less than 20 seconds. None of them can withstand the initial attack.

Kleese can solo gold sabotuer advanced with little to no issue I even dead lift carried a teammate who burnt all my lives then sat dead while I solo’d the rest.

My fav so far is Mikey, even for his team saving skills, he can mow that map.

I like kleese as I set rift network around the point to kill all skaven whilst I hunt the big guys.

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That is so very helpful when a good Kleese does that :wink:

Yea this mission is stupid. It’s not so much a problem of be able to survive or kill everything, it’s you have to kill everything the second it spawns, because so many ranged things spawn that go straight for the cores.

I loved this mission before the nerf that it got, and I still love it. The challenge is awesome, and I don’t see how this PVE content would be any good without a good challenge on Advanced difficulty. I personally do not want this mission nerfed any further, it’s already easy enough if you go with specific characters when playing with 2 or 3 players.

If you want to win the last fight, make sure that any Scaven are killed ASAP, nothing is more dangerous than the small Scaven. They got past me without notice so much at the last point when I was first trying to do the mission and they do a lot of damage. Kill them, and the rest is mostly the same difficulty as the other missions.

Also, when I did it, we went with ISIC, Thorn and Kleese. You can also do it with ISIC, WF and Kleese as well, I think pretty much any decent medium/long range characters can replace Thorn as a DPS, but ISIC is really good on this one.

When will u be able yo help me with mission

Either tomorrow afternoon or possibly 630ish pm cst today.

Alght man and u do play on xbox one right?

I do indeed.

Algbt then txt me when u ready to do the missiom