Nerfs and buffs matching with lore

So @lolattheseforums and I were talking about characters and how they have changed over the course of the game and that some of the nerfs/buffs actually match up with their lore. Here are some examples but there may be more.

Alani: in one of her lore’s she defeated several Silent Sisters by herself but now spends a great deal of time in the isolation tank on Nova. This is like when Alani first came out she was known for being able to take on several enemies at once with ease, but after her nerfs she is a rare pick and spends more time aboard Nova, alone and not out with the other battleborn in combat.

Kelvin: Kelvin was missing something to bind to and without it he wasn’t actually whole. It wasn’t until Miko and Phoebe helped him find an Aztanti relic to bind to that he could maintain shape. This is like when they took away Kelvin’s 2 second stun. He was just missing something. And when they returned it, he felt whole again.

Miko: Miko used to be part of an entire planet like organism. Now they are much fewer and weaker being just a piece of that. Miko used to be god like in early life of the game and might as well have been as hard to kill as a planet. Now Miko is much weaker but still capable.

El Dragon: Lorewise, Dragon was the undisputed champ of wrestling and known for glory in the ring. Then his arms were ripped off. After that he could no longer fight in the ring and lost a lot of his former glory. It is very similar to his fall from glory after his massive nerfs. He used to be a champ, now… not so much.

ISIC: So ISIC was powerful enough to destroy the entire universe and now is kept on a tight leash by Kleese and the other battleborn. ISIC used to be godlike unkillable, dominating the battlefield. Now he’s only good if the entire team is there to support him and back him up.

Galilea: Galilea is slowly dying from her corruption from her incomplete sustainment. Gradually getting weaker but since she is tough as nails, she is still doing well. Galilea has been nerfed so many times, gradually getting weaker and weaker but is still doing well despite that.

Those are the ones I found with lolattheseforums. Any that you think we missed?


While tipsy on the battlefield, Mellka tried to load a venom canister in backwards. The explosion not only left her injured and weakened, but it permanently damaged her Custom Machine Pistol. Because of her clumsiness, Ghalt and Kleese issued her a new venom with a diluted duration.

I felt sad writing this.


Hmmm. Ghalt got drunk and irreparably screwed up his scraptrap after betting he could fit Montana in it. The fact that Montana was at the time drunk and wrestling a Thrall Bonecrusher on top of a large keg of beer did not help.


I felt sad reading that. I really do sympathize with you about Mellka. A lot of my favorite characters I now no longer touch due to balance changes and my true main (Rath) gets so much hate from the community and Gearbox.


These are just coincidences. A story of a character, as a lore entity, usually has ups and downs so as a life of a character as a game’s playable object.

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I know. I’m just pointing them out because it’s interesting. I don’t think that gearbox intentionally did this.

I would say Atty but I don’t know his lore. Maybe Rath?

By Rath’s lore he is nearly impossible to kill. That is definitely not true in practice.

Attikus became much stronger after getting the glove grafted onto his arm and that strength allowed him to lead the Third Thrall Rebellion. That could coincide with his rework that caused him to get a lot more play.

Doesn’t that specific piece of lore state that all sustained are nearly impossible to kill?

It says that “Rath in particular is very hard to kill” but yes all sustained are very difficult to kill.

I’m pretty sure it means their lifesteal qualities make it difficult, as I find it hard to believe people talented like ghalt, galilea, and Montana had an impossibly hard time killing anyone sustained unless a person was rath level of talent

Looking at it from the lore, the Jennerit would probably be able to rek everyone except for maybe Gali, ISIC, S&A, Alani, or Boldur.


No, it’s literally talking about what the sustainment process does to the body. Near immunity to small arms fire, poisons and toxins, suffocation and combustion have nothing to do with Rath’s skills as a fighter.

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Gali was trained to fight the sustained and given equipment to do so, ISIC can end the universe if he was allowed to, Alani has already killed many sustained at once so she’s set, Shayne and Aurox (or really just Aurox) are incredibly strong lore wise and should have no problem dealing with Jennerit, and Boldur… well he says it best, “Nothing can kill Boldur. Many have tried, ALL HAVE FAILED!”


ISIC should just be allowed to end the universe.

I thought the firearms had to do due with his armor, as I find it hard to believe deande can take bullets so easily

No, the entire lore is talking about sustainment not armor. Deande can take bullets just as easily as rath.

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I’m actually not so sure about that, while the red observer goes over sustainment for a while, when he/she talks about durability to small firearms,poisons and the like, it skips sustainment and says “rath is exceptionally hard to kill” showing that it ain’t about sustainment but specifically rath (though I believe all sustained have strong immune system)

If/when Battleborn closes down, I really hope Gearbox make the announcement in character as ISIC.

The entire lore is discussing Sustained troops. The observer was watching Rath but everything he lists applies to all sustained, not just Rath.