Nerfs & matchmaking & ow

Now I’ve been reading the forums, and this needs to stop:

i) Overwatch threads.
Mods it would be best if you lock/delete threads about overwatch as it isnt constructive in any way, shape, or form. Just statements saying BB will fail, Overwatch is just better and nonsense.

ii) Matchmaking threads.
So obviously, we all know there is a problem in matchmaking, and people saying that “It’s not the player level. Higher Level doesnt mean a better player” is just utter nonsense. But making 20 threads with screenshots saying how you’re being pitted up against high level players, and demanding that this be fixed asap or you’ll quit is not helping. These things take time, I’m pretty sure the developers are working on a couple other things too. And if the matchmaking doesn’t improve one or two months down the line, then you are justified to make such claims, but till then wait and see. Try to improve your skill level.

And now for probably the worst and hilarious threads of all
These threads oh my god, where do I begin. WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THIS IS A TEAM SHOOTER
What this means two things. Stop making threads stating how individual characters need a nerf. Those threads are outright cringey. If I try as Marquis to fight against Gal at point blank range, I am obviously going to lose.
Every character has their own strength. Maybe Caldarius doesn’t hit very hard but his flashbang blinds opponents for awhile plus he’s really agile. Those are his strengths.
Play your character to your strength and just because you come up against a highly skilled player doesn’t mean you need to make a thread stating how OP that character is, and how the devs should nerf it ASAP otherwise I’m going to quit playing. NO! This is a team multiplayer, trying playing it as one.
Also while making threads on characters, many people forget there is a thing called GEAR
Some people have played a lot of PvE and received good gear which helps them hit harder/ heal more.

So remember there are many things that go on in an online match or making a game, and just because you aren’t getting something your way, please don’t throw a fit. Try to adapt a bit

Thank you, and all the best

Locking any threads about OW would be a PR nightmare. Bad idea. Could you imagine how damaging that would be in the hands of the OW/blizzard marketing team? I’m dead sick of them too but allowing opinions and freedom of speech is the cornerstone of forums.

Everything else I agree with. Went up against a 4 man premade w/one random. My team was a full pug. They had a Miko, Rath, Galilea, Marquis, and Caldarius. I genuinely thought we were f***ed. Someone on my team tried to surrender as soon as the option was available, got refused, and we went on to win 86-0. Sure, it was a damn tough fight, but we still managed to win.