Nerfs... yay or nay?

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This’ll go well…


third option: do not care
I usually avoid spending too much time getting weapons for this reason: they are subject to change and they can be negative. If a weapon does not work anymore I just change it, I am frankly tired of the non stop ‘Balance’ arguing, I decided to go with the flow, still I hope this game will be stabilized in my lifetime :rofl:


I don’t mind nerfs in general, but I feel like GBX like many developers are too aggressive with them.

Like, look at the Sandhawk: It lost two projectiles, that’s basically a 22% damage nerf, it consumes 50% more ammo than previously which both means you get less shots out of it and the magazine size is effectively reduced and they widened the spread for the bullets to keep the Hawk pattern which boils down to an accuracy nerf.

They basically nerfed every single aspect of the gun and I don’t like that kind of approach. Why not just reduce the damage by a third and see if that does the trick?

Simular thing with the Kaoson. I get the damage nerfs but the increased spread really makes it less fun to use.

I feel like there is a basic rule of nerfing that a lot of devs are utterly ignorant about: Damage Nerfs need to be isolated. If you’ve already nerfed the damage of something, don’t touch the accuracy or make it harder to use for at least one patch. You are running a super high risk of going overboard otherwise and most of the time that kind of balancing attempt is not at all well received within the playerbase.


The perpetual nerfs to items just before the release of new content is the main thing that has turned me away from this game.

Even items like the Pipe Bomb’s nerf could have been avoided with just a little testing prior to release.

I too am tired of the subject of nerfing. Obviously, this has become the norm for GB and that is very disappointing.

The few baby buffs are such a joke, they are actually insulting considering this game is almost a year old.

Instead of preaching to the choir I think I’ll just put BL3 to rest; at least until ALL content is released and they have no more events planned.


Based on experiences with previous updates and patches the next DLC, 4th skill tree and Phase 2 patch will likely cause more/new problems. I think you would probably need to wait until Christmas until the game is actually finished and optimized.



I Love your handle because Ferocity is my middle name too.

Lately it seems the new temporary meta weapons are only obtained through limited time events or the newest content. They will only be good until the next release of new content as they will get nerfed to make room for the new temporary meta weapons. Rinse and repeat.

If you find anything fun in BL3, know that it is only temporary. If only GB could improve things instead of ruin them …

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Yay if handled correctly, nay otherwise. Circumstances of endgame at the time also affect this.

Take the Hellwalker for example. Perhaps back in the day it did need a nerf (in the current state of the game, most of those nerfs need to be reversed), but a damage reduction wasn’t the way. If it instead received a fire rate reduction, that would only apply in the scenario where the Hellwalker started “over-performing” (i.e when it can fire more than once per reload).

Just know this new dlc you will pay for any item you like will likely be nerfed not by the nerf hammer because gearbox uses a nerf planet when they nerf things so you will have played for them to nerf parts of your purchase like buying a Ferrari and waking up to find out one day the dealer swapped it for a Volkswagen beetle -.-