Netcode (multiplayer)

ALL previous Borderlands games are unplayable for me in Australia with my American friends. The previous games are so bad I shoot a bullet and 3 seconds later that bullet comes out the end of my gun meanwhile what I was aiming at is long ducked behind cover, dead or moved, UNPLAYABLE.

Many games today even ones that should have anti-cheat one example being Overwatch is playable from another country even though its not perfect at least it can still be fun to play with friends overseas.

I am wondering if this is going to be more of the same (horrible netcode) or if there has been updates to the game that will make this game worth the purchase?


Games like Overwatch run on dedicated servers by the publisher/developer. BL games multiplayer are peer to peer. Essentially the person serving as player 1 is the game server for that session so your latency is the quality of your connection between you two.

Hopefully they’ve learned from Battleborn - the Aussie player base for months told them this lag and connections were making the game unplayable/horrible to play only to be told months later something akin to “We knew. Not going to fix it. #sorrynotsorry”. I left the Battleborn forum when I stopped playing the game, but that thread was, I believe, over 500 posts long.

Fingers crossed.

I understand basics of networking, the problem is Borderlands so far have been unplayable how THEY designed it and they want us to buy it, dont get me wrong they are good games but I am into co-op more than single player and they seem to put zero effort into updating it and just use an old engine.

There are also plenty of Peer to Peer games that do a WAY better job so using the its peer to peer argument is also garbage, you still have to connect to a server also which is the same deal its your connection quality to the server.

I get that its not cheap to rewrite a lot of code/trouble shoot etc but I also am entitled to state my opinion and frustration with their lack of caring for making the co-op playable for MANY people.

The reason I point out peer to peer is because that experience can vary greatly depending on host. I have people I play it with where there is literally no lag or latency at all. While others I have the same issue you describe.

i do hope that BL3 does dedicated servers this time around but who knows.