Netgame Desync Woes

I’ve been testing my mod’s multiplayer, and I keep getting desync crashes after several minutes. I’ve been collecting sync files from participants after each one, and in many the only diff is in the LuaRuleSystem m_state block(and the HEADER_Token, but I don’t know if that’s useful). I was hoping someone at gearbox, perhaps @Cefasm, could give any tips for making sure lua rules stay synched for multiplayer games, or any don’ts that will definitely get desynced.

In this case there’s really only one lua system in play in all of these situations for me to blame, so I’ll be running tests with it ripped out sooner or later, but even if that stops this drop we have some other code that I can’t just outright disable without some serious gameplay impacts, and there are more things I’d like to be able to implement.

@scole - I can’t locate Brian or Patrick on here, any idea what they’re called now?

@pdeupree and @Burly