Network Error: Aka unable to connect to multiplayer server

Anyone other than me; is still unable to connect to 2K that or EPICGAME or GEARBOX multiplayer server? After exhausting the options as such as “firewall issues” that each support group talks about.

• If you have the latest patch/update.
**• Enable UPnP and DMZ features on your modem or router. Making sure you entered your computer’s IP on DMZ setting. **
• ipconfig /flushdns
**• Buying new router/modem **
• Tried to get help with ISP + Tech Support and asked if they could do a 3 way call with me. If its an pingroute issue due to their server firewalls not working together. Aka its something out of the consumer’s hands (Never got an answer).
• Get a refund (Didn’t get it being over 2hrs of play, though all the time spent on it was actually trying to load multiplayer. Didn’t even get through 10mins of actual intro). [Never got it]
• Get new ISP or move house, not worth if ISP works for every other multiplayer games. Uh a new house cost more than a game.
• Asked if there will be a patch for this issue. (Never got an answer).

So still stuck with a game I can’t get a refund for a defective game from the start. ISP determines it as you trying to host an actual multiplayer server which a consumer can’t without a contract. Hence why tried to get a three-way call at least but nope.

I didn’t think there was a multiplayer server. I thought it was peer to peer.

If that sarcasm I enjoyed it. If not, then there is if you haven’t tried or suppose to be.