Network Error - PC/Epic

Got the game on ps4 and on epic. PS4 is working fine but my Epic one is having a network error. This started happening yesterday. It defaulted to LAN. Hotfix are not applied. Everytime I try to go online im getting a network error saying “This feature requires all active players to he connected to Gearbox Software SHiFT”

There are multiple threads with the same problem here. I believe one of them has a couple of potential solutions? You can use the search function :mag: :arrow_upper_right: on the tech support section to try and narrow it down.

First sorry if i choosr wrong categories. I buy a game in the epic game. i can’t play with my friend. can’t joind ot invited. and i can’t change to online mode. it will show that i should have to fixed network error //according to the picture. pls help me if you have the same problem and you can fixed it.

Merged into an identical thread in the correct section.

Looking around and doing some digging, my suspicion is that both you and @joccastaneda are running into a problem with Windows Firewall blocking BL3 from accessing the SHIFT service for matchmaking.