Network/Server Problem?

I’m not sure if this is a common issue or a stupid question, but recently while playing Battleborn I’ve been lagging… And I continue to check my internet connection and it always seems to be fine, but whenever I play PVP or even PVE I rarely ever have a full set of green bars. It’s usually red or orange… And it’s depressing because it really effects the experience of playing when I’m glitching in the middle of being murdered by opponents. :frowning:

By the way, I’m in Hawaii.

I’ve had issues too, and I’m on 35mpbs in NH. Red network indicator, rubberbanding, missed hits. Just last day or so. I imagine it’ll clear up.

it’s nice to know that i’m not alone. i really hope the issue does get resolved.

Something might be up with their servers or network, My internet runs fine at 50mbps and every other game I play online runs smoothly but BB showing me with a green bar i keep teleporting allover the field and missing shots as i keep lagging allover the place

What Platforms are you battleborn on?


PS4 platform

I’m on a PC.

Welcome to what it’s like to play a game of Battleborn in Australia, haha.
I’ve only ever had 1 green bar game on PS4, otherwise it’s constantly yellow or red bar games here.
Compensating for lag, rubberbanding, and missing shots is just a way of life for Aussie players now.
But I do hope it improves/goes back to normal for you all… Just as I hope Aussies find more green bar servers/games.