Network settings: LAN connection

I was just wondering how the LAN connection actually works.

I have 2 PS4s on the one router and have been successfully using them to play Destiny for months. We bought two copies of BHC to avoid having to play splitscreen however, when we try to play, we experience frequent disconnects which ruin the flow of the game. We tried to connect via LAN but it seems to require us to be connected to the internet and even when we are, I cannot see any profiles to invite to team.

Can someone please explain the dynamic of the LAN connection in BHC or explain where I may be going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m in the same shoes. I tried playing online with my wife last night and my connection to her game was completely unplayable and not to mention how nuch a pain in the butt it was messing with the audio. I’ve beed searching the internet all morning about how to setup a LAN party and have had zero luck. I’ve read that it’s possible to do it wireless over the same router, or connected with the same router, or that I need a switch. Nothing I read was of any help, so hopefully someone here can help us out.

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