Never did Sal....want to start him

Yeah…I know…in all the thousands of hours I played the game…I never did Sal. Crazy as it is, I just spent my time on other characters.

But I am thinking about doing him now, since the new DLC.

Do I still start at Level 1 or does the new DLC start a new Character at a higher level?

Do I have to progess the normal fashion? Basically 3 Game playthrus: Normal, TVHM, UVHM ??

Can I skip the DLC’s until I finish UVHM and get to the Peak…maybe even finish the Peak first. (I’d like to get all the Great quest guns at OP 10 without a bunch of replays).

Tricks to leveling faster? I’d like to take him all the way to OP 10

Ask someone for a Save file! :innocent:


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Sal is pretty much like a Cadillac, you kinda roll over everything. You could do worse to lookup Bahroo’s build for Sal. Dredge up the video because he covers some of his skill mechanics that will last you forever.

Since he dual wields, understand that pressing (triangle on ps4 console) swaps -pairs- of weapons. Slot one moxxi (grog is easy mode) in an off hand for one of the pairs and you are nearly unkillable. You can then swap between insane dps and nuts dps with life steal as needed.

Basic kit that would take you to op10 is RR shield (72+ when you can spec into bubble gum)/Antagonist/Absorb , leg gunzerker, a chain lighting or storm front (to top off health while under heavy fire), grog and a dpuh, a bone relic for the cool down is nice but becomes unnecessary with high mob density because of sal’s skills.

With level cap item gear, you’d only need to refresh dpuh and RR at op3 when the scaling starts to climb more steeply. Replacing these two at op5 and 8 should see you to op10. A level 80 com is fine for op levels.

Is this kinda a cheese (weapon) kit? Yeh but it has the advantage that you probably have the gear already (minus the com). It’s no fuss no muss and efficient.

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