Never Ending Controller Vibrate

There seems to be a bug where sometimes a character is set on fire and the state never ends. I was in a public PvE match where my Boldur character was on fire taking damage for 5-10 minutes at the end of a match.

I’ve heard others in game complain about this happening to them as well (the controller vibration thing specifically)



That is indeed quite an odd bug. Have you noticed this occurring in several matches, or just the one?

It has happened to me 2 or 3 times, and I have heard it mentioned by other people I have been playing with.

The most recent was today on The Archive. I was playing as Boldur and after the part where you escort the data minions, I was essentially on fire until the end of the match, with my controller constantly vibrating, and my character grunting and losing health. I had health regen gear on so I didn’t die, but clearly this was not supposed to be happening. I am not sure if fire damage was always the reason it happened.

Good thing you brought this to the attention of the staff.

I’m certain the devs will review it after seeing it here. Thanks for your assistance.

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This also happened to me yesterday. I was playing as Toby and caught fire from something on the Eldrid home world (don’t remember which story mission it was) and the fire would not go out. It was a solid 4 minutes of hearing Toby cry out in pain as the health slowly ticked away and I finally “died.” Hilarious for my teammates, but frustrating for me.

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So yours was from fire as well. Hmmm…

Yeah, seems to be a fire thing.

And this game is pretty controller-vibrate happy. I’ve also had a few times where the controller gets stuck in some sort of permanent vibrate loop and I’ve had to pop out my batteries and pop them back in to get it to stop.

I agree. I actually had to turn vibrate off when playing as Toby because the vibration was so loud my wife could hear it in the other room. Too much…

For sure. When you’re holding down Right Trigger to charge up the rail gun, the controller sounds like a chainsaw because it’s vibrating so fast.

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This happened again while I was using Montana on The Archive.

So far the only consistent things I see is that it happens on The Archive and it involves fire.

It has happened to me a few times. Mostly in story mode.

Happened to both my brother and I while playing on the Archive. Both set on fire and the effect never ended.

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Happened again yesterday. My friend got set on fire in The Archive and it didn’t go out until he died from it.

This just happened to me again today as Kleese. Same thing: Caught on fire on the Archive. The only way to get rid of it was to die.

for me, this typically happens when i use activation pads and i think it may have something to do with another person standing on the pad with me to speed it up.

I just play from my lap when this happens. Aaaahhhh Yeeeaaahhh.

bumping this thread as i am still having this issue. i can confirm from my previous post that it only happens when someone else is standing on the pad with me. i still need to activate around 50 more pads to complete the challenge for activating 500 pads. however, because of this bug, i tend to avoid activation pads altogether since most of the time im running gear loadouts that have stacking effects that are lost upon death and kiliing myself is the only thing i’ve found that stops my controller from vibrating.

Yes for me as well, sometimes when using activation pads the controller gets stuck on infinite vibrate. And sometimes using another activation pad fixes it (when it’s supposed to start vibrating, instead it instantly stops).

Turning the controller on and off again has no effect.

Bumping the thread. This glitch occurred to me the other day while fighting Warlord Nix on The Void’s Edge and continued through the conclusion of the mission. It’s occurred to me mostly in PvE. I’m using an Elite controller.