NEVER GIVE UP! After 7 losses in a row

I finally… FINALLY got my worthy of song title! OMG guys i know i know i know… its just a title… but i did it by myself… no group premade and no heals… i have been trying for this achievement for so long and today i killed it! after 7 losses IN A ROW!!!.

never give up!

by the way. i just want to say that i feel like the gear combo i used for this game helped me a lot. i had some great melee haste and attack power, also skill damage for those nasty nasty bladestorms (as i call them) lol.

welp, hope you guys enjoy your day playing more battleborn. i know i will. i love this game. this game is the best. it takes awhile to get used to but i think once you do its the best game ever made… and ive played a lot of games in my time. im high as hell i love you guys. thanks for making such an amazing game lol



It’s nice to see people enjoying the game.

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Nice work!

Congrats, I think you can’t really focus on it and you’ll get it much easier. As Shayne and Aurox solo on Coldsnap, I went 26-0, and didn’t know the title existed. Did the same thing with the 60+ kills as a team title, it makes it a lot easier in my opinion

NEXT GOAL! Get Coopetition title :wink:
Also, I feel you. It took me a couple days because I was trying to get that title in meltdown. Did not realize incursion is usually longer and nets more kills :stuck_out_tongue:

I sadly don’t remember getting the title, lol.I got it like a day or two after BBs release.