Never give up! (another scenerio)

You know how you can get in a match with those guys who no matter what is going on and how bleak a situation look they still want to stick the match out? You’ve tried to surrender everytime you had the chance but they just refuse to give in. Well, I have a video for you

Seriously though, this is why alot of us don’t give up and why we push matches all the way to the end. This is my best comeback ever in this game, not just from a point standpoint, but from a team coordinating standpoint. The team knew exactly how to use their compisition extremely well, and with hard hitters like Isic, Gali, and Alani in the team it was already looking bleak. I tried my best to tank as Shayne and Aurok but double stuns and burst damage inside of bubble just shredded my 3k health. But despite it all our team stuck through it and we turned an almost completly bleak game around and got the victory. I’ve never been down so far with such a strong PT and turn the game around.

Also one of the guys Xism_24 put his interpretation of the video and can see it from different eyes, you can find that here:

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Awesome ! Very nice. The best example for everyone !

I can understand never giving up with a friend/with friends, but it’s pretty naive to think that a group of randoms can pull off an “epic” comeback, which are the teams that are usually surrendering. Sure it can happened (out of the hundreds of games I’ve played with randoms it only happened once against another group of randoms) but it’s extremely rare, and virtually impossible against a premade.


I was on a random and this was premade.

Point still stands. This doesn’t happen a lot with randoms nor does everybody have the same luck.


I had a rage quitter on my team today.
Despite him quitting after our first sentry went down (By admission btw, theres no ambiguity, he said “■■■■ this team ■■■■” and left XD

Really wish i could report it x.x…
Thanks for getting the rematch option in before reporting rage quitters gearbox *3*…
But i do hope they fix it soon ;w;

We actually made a come back without him and destroyed their sentry and got the 2nd one down to 40.
Still lost but it was nice enough to appreciate the people that stayed.



Bad-Word-The-Forums-Won’t-Let-Me-Say That Phoebe >3<

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Sure it rarely happens, but I’ll stick it out 100 or more “garunteed” losses just to have a nice comeback once in a while. I have had a couple nice comebacks with randoms, none as sweet as the video here, but damn they feel good!

While it’s great to see a comeback it’s simply too rare with randoms to spend time on. I have only a certain amount of time to play and I’d rather start the next game then sit through what’s generally a lost game.

If there was a ranked/competitive mode then it’d be a different story.

4v5’s are such an uphill battle compared to 5v5. Good stuff making it that far, I know the struggle especially if the PT’s competent.