Never got the latest hotfix(2nd week bonus) on my console

Hey all,
I’ve seen Xbox players talking about their farms and huntings on 2nd week bonus event yet I never got that hotfix update in game… On main menu in the news sections it still shows me the previous week’s bonus (boss loot) and I can’t seem to ‘force’ update the game… Tried restarting the game many times (as well as the console) and still nothing.
I’m pretty sure it’s not in game because I had over 15 restarts trying to spawn Force Troopers in atlas HQ (near typhon’s log) and not even 1 spawn… Can someone kindly help me fix this please? Thanks!

Same problem here, would appreciate a solution.

Okay so about few hours ago when I played it told me to go to main menu because there’s an update… So no real solution sadly… Just wait :cry:

I’ve noticed that it takes some of the Rare Spawns a little time before they spawn once you enter their area, the Force Troopers/Mother of Grogans seem to be the worst from the farming i have done. It takes them about 30-50 seconds to spawn once i enter their designated area. Are you waiting around the area for any amount of time or just going there, seeing them not spawn, then immediately quitting and reloading?

Yeah, each time I restarted I searched the entire place so it did take a while, but as I said in the previous comment (above yours) the update did finally arrive (1 day late) so now it’s working and the spawning has indeed got better!

Glad to hear it, I thought the Force Troopers were bugged at first too even though i waited at the main menu for like 15 minutes to ensure the MP got applied. Drop rates on the Class Mods seems to be okay on NVHM/M1 getting a class mod about once every 4-6 runs. Seems as though the only one of the troopers that drops them is the Onyx Force Trooper.