Never ordering from again

I Placed my order 11/27 and spent $125 on Christmas gifts. I finally received my order today 12/20 and it was missing one of the hoodies. It isn’t listed as being on back order on the shipping manifest, it is just completely absent. I definitely ordered it, it shows on my order summary and I was charged for it. Suffice to say I’m beyond pissed.

I emailed their support and haven’t heard back, they are now closed lol. So yeah, my kid will be down a Christmas present because by the time they get their ■■■■ together it’ll be too late. Merry Christmas turds hopefully a rat theif hits up your porch lol jk.


Thats poo man but your rat thief spin had me in…that made my x mas

Omg ur just a hateerrrrr.

See, I ordered something for myself a few days ago. It arrived but it missed one item. I emailed support, got the response within a day and was told they’d ship it out (2 days) cause the item was in high demand. But I’ll still shop when they have things that catch my interest. I’m happy with them