Never played Gaige before. Any thoughts/words of advice?

Finally caved in and got a copy of GOTY just so I could try Gaige and Krieg (never played either). Not sure if I’ll stop at 72 or go all the way to op8, but I’m freakin’ excited to try her out.

If you go the anarchy route (right-hand skill tree), it can take a while to get the hang of NOT reloading when the opportunity arises. Totally worth it though. The only two down-sides IME are:

  1. She screams. A LOT.
  2. “Smaller Lighter Faster” does not play nice with the Infinity

The second point is not at all a deal breaker, but it is something every new Gaige player should know in order to avoid disappointment/surprise.

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Would it be wise to grab anarchy right away?

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It really is up to you. I don’t think there’s a wrong way to play in the early stages anyway - if you don’t like the way things are working out, you can always respec at a Quick Change station and try something else. Have a look at the skills guide though, so you get some idea of what works with what.

I started with her LBT tree and then hit BFF. I didn’t spec into OC until I was already in TVHM- and haven’t looked back since :laughing: Weapons to look for for her are the Fibber, Blockhead and Twister- basically any weapon with multiple listed and unlisted shots. Good luck and have fun!

There’s more available for her than just those 3 items.
She’s the only character that can put the Storm to good use for one.

I know- just mentioning some of my favorites. I actually like to use the Dahlminator with her- helped me make it thru Hyperion Slaughter Dome w/o dying in TVHM…

Ah, I miss-readed (it’s a word now) it then. Appologies.

She’s incredibly fun with the Emperor aswell, which is a nice alternative to the Bekah if you haven’t found one.

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Haha thanks for the replies. I’ve seen the fibber mentioned in a lot of builds but I’ll definitely have to try it. Twisters almost impossible to get if its what I’m thinking of (the leveled up tribal people in hammerlock/craw DLC), but I’ve always wanted to try it. Quick question: Does anarchy buff turret damage in the vehicles? I’m at 53 stacks and it seems like I’m wasting people, including a BA nomad. Sorry for typos or crap grammar, I’m on mobile.

Edit: just saw the post about the bekah, I’ve never actually put that thing to use haha.

If you can’t gett a Twister (which is likely, considering O-O-O being a bitch), the 3 alternatives are a Doc’s Quad/Coach Gun and the Orphan Maker with the vertical grip.

Well, when it comes to Jakobs anyway, she has a whole bunch of shotties to choose from.

Mmm, docs quad. Sooo good, got a lv. 43 or 44 stashed on my last Zero that I just couldn’t throw away haha.

There may not be a wrong way at level 6, but the right way is Anarchy.

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Aaannnddd there goes 84 stacks. Gotta not reload manually lol. Freakin Marcus missions where you shoot them real quick with the elements.

When I play Gaige (which was my first character played, so my “main” kinda) I always un-map the reload key.
And then remap it when I play my other characters.


Edit : that was an advice btw…

Get Discord and your problems with reload are gone. Also, its a really good skill.

A little advice that always works for me: get Anarchy, then go down to Upshot Robot picking Close Enough and CuT/TBH (2 in one and 3 in the other one) as both are great skills. After this, do as you like, but I highly recomend Discord as an after goal. LBT starts to shine when you can spec Evil Enchantress and Electrical Burn, so I think its better to wait a few levels and a good Zapper/Catalyst COM.

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For a start, lvl 10, 1 in anarchy, 5 in close enough, get a two mag coach shotgun.
Fill up cooking up trouble until lvl 15.
From then on try to reach blood soak shield.
Coach is good for build anarchy.
Thinking or longrier when u have enough anarchy. Tediore shotgun tediore or hyperion barrel also not bad.
Lascaux smg
Maggie need to farm though.
Major tom
Skullmasher if possible.
Those should last you till utvhm.

Always go for big capacity shields when you have blood soak shield.
all ashin evo eg. as recharge and delay are irrelevant.
All pongolin antagonist, blockade, bee, etc.

I got to Bright Lights Flying City, lv. 14. Wasted Wilhelm and the Thresher in a matter of seconds. I grabbed anarchy and close enough, and put the subsequent points in The Better Half, and have been wrecking everything with a green Hulk (best shotty I’ve found so far). She plays a lot like a TPS class, at least so far on normal mode (not a bad thing IMO).

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Anarchy+Max Blood Soaked Shields+shotgun to face=tastiness. ^-^

Don’t make my mistake. Remember that Anarchy has a companion skill, (I think it’s dischord) that makes reloads useful instead of potentially wasteful.

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