Never surrender and don't judge by levels!

a new video i uploaded just to prove how the levels have nothing to do with the actual team balance. currently, all i see is how people already give up before trying to overcome the enemy, or losing hope after 1 failure. this is what we had in this match and you can hear it by the start.
yep, surrendering is the easy way, but what’s the fun in that? isn’t the chance to turn the score to your favour would make you feel awsome?
have fun watching and i hope those things will make you think twice before surrendering after 4 minutes

p.s a funny silent, yet frightnening shout in some point :smile:


In order to prove that command level has nothing to do with team balance you’d need to upload many back to back matches to show a pattern.


I will surrender and judge low level players. Why? Because I value my time and everytime where I have 4 dps and no healer in the team, level 10’s with no team play whatsover i know when to quit. Dont get me wrong I dont my losing after a tight 30minute match.


team comp wins, even against higher levels. gali/miko on your team… makes it really easy to snipe when they have that running at them. kind of like hitting the easy button, tbh

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Last few Incursion matches I did there were actual AFKers on our team, as soon as that happens, the whole match just tips to the other side. However I was grinding out Kelvin’s Micro Macro Mist Me challenge so the longer the matches went the better. What I hate is when the quitters prep for a surrender and give you zero time to vote against it, almost like a coup, or trying quitting just before the other team wins. I’ve heard that if a team surrenders the other team doesn’t get any points which sounds stupidly unfair as though the quitters are intentionally doing it to deny the better team the extra points they would have gotten for legitimately winning.

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I agree with stop, why bother with an uphill battle every game just for the off chance that the tide might turn around. I dont play to prove myself I play to have fun and being stomped is hardly a motivaton to throw yourself under the boot again and again.

Its usually the skilled players who try and motivate the noobs to keep playing before for teh most part they dont have to deal with as much of the unbalanced nonsense as the rest.

Because you’ll never learn to play from behind if you don’t play from behind.
You’ll never have a turn-around match if you never play when you can turn it around.

You’re still playing the same game, whether you give up or not, you’re still using abilities, running around, shooting enemies, the only difference between you quitting or staying in the fight to play that game is whether or not you have one more loss on your record.

Unless your team is crazy horrible (I’ve been in those too) or you’re down a man, I don’t get the point in just giving up.


I disagree! Sometimes you have luck yes but in general low ranks are bad! Honestly I would never complain about ppl who play not that great but why all the time low levels stand in the base, disconnect or doing other weird things.

If they’ve had a dozen games or so on the character they’re playing, they may certainly be better than a higher rank on a new character.

You also don’t know how much they played the Beta.

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I made this comment on other threads concerning people surrendering and people basing others on their command rank, still holds true until matchmaking gets ironed out.


There’s a difference between learning to play from behind and getting stomped into a nice pattern. I’ve been playing moba’s for over a decade and have amased thousands of last second wins and underdog turnabouts. But there is a line between learning how to play and what this system is doing. Its simply unenjoyable from most noobs perspective’s and in the long run will kill the game unless its fixed.

Its a GAME, we play for FUN, its not like going to the gym or working 9-5 for that paycheck. No one should be forced to play an uphill battle unless they explicitly want to. And I take it from the backlash that most people are getting sick of it, and telling them they are just quitters who need to learn to fight uphill isn’t going to change anything.

Most SANE people dont want to waste their time fighting against unfair odds that will most likely end in a wrecking spree just for the chance to “improve”. The only way I can see people doing this is if there were a specific type of mode that deliberatly put you in that situattion. If that were to be implemented how long do you think the queues would be?

“QUEUE HERE TO GET ■■■■■ BY PRO PLAYERS!!” … yea I dont see that happening. Well I dont need to its already in-place.


Personally I never surrender and should the match look like our team is going to lose I will either make a last effort to turn the table or make sure the other team works for that win by being as difficult as I can.

One match that stands out in my mind was during beta while playing incursion. Our team was losing 50 to 100 and I was playing Thorn, I went around all the opposition around to the enemy tanks first objective and downed it by myself.

Then I proceeded to work the second sentry while the clock counted down allowing us to win by having only a few more points than the other team.

I think this shows several things, that one person can make a difference and that people should fight until the end.

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The complaints aren’t about people quitting when they’re on the receiving end of a Roflstomp… it’s about the teams that give up the moment their first sentry gets touched or downed…

Of course you should quit when it’s just ridiculously lopsided, why would you think anyone would tell you not to???

But it’s an uphill battle when your enemies get your first sentry. No, you don’t “have” to do it, but you a lot of players have plenty of skill to turn that situation around, but if you’re giving up, then you’re screwing your team. And, frankly, it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been playing MOBA’s at that point, if you’re giving up in the face of a little adversity, you’re not a very good player.

And they are quitters. They’re cowards. They lack internal fortitude. If that hurts someone’s feelings then that’s just silly. If someone calls for a surrender every time their first sentry goes down, then they should certainly know that they’re quitters. Just like fat people know they’re fat, it’s not a revelation, it’s a fact.


How do you come back when the first sentry goes down? Ive never came back and won the game

You keep pushing. Lots of characters get stronger later, I typically run Boldur, if a team gets a Sentry before I’m level 5, I can’t do much about it, but once I hit 5 I can hold a lane indefinitely. With Kleese once he hits 4 and I get my network I can stall a push for days. Your team comp is a big part of a come-back.

There’s also people who opt for more expensive gear over greens, if your opponents take greens, then they’re pretty much tapped out around level 5, while you may have some teammates coming online with epic gear that’s going to make them better in team fights.

You can’t win if you give up though, and sure a large majority of the time, if you’ve lost your middle sentry, you’re tapped out on gear, and you don’t have a late-game power spike, then you’re going to lose, but you certainly won’t win if you quit.

I’m gonna start uploading my reversal games since nobody ever believes them. I had two last night.

“never” because you got 1? the 1% of 99% is more important than the other 99 ?

the 99% of games i played, when there is a clear rank difference, the lower team always lost, i mean, clear disavantadge (something that is so common, sadly)like: 19 - 5 - 8 - 32 -21 vs 65 - 44 - 28 - 38 - 17

so maybe you won 1 of this games? may one of them dissconect? yes, but this is no reason to say “never” surrender and “don’t judge by levels” just because 1 time it didn’t work, there are a ton that it does.

I think the situation in battleborn concerning rank differences and that you will lose simply because of that is becoming problematic. A bigger problem that I see is that important roles are not being filled and similarly to other games it’s a lack of people choosing support or defense roles and playing them as such.

Often despite that rank differences, of which I don’t pay much attention to, if I choose Miko and play him solid my team tends to win. I’m only a rank 17 I believe so being stacked against 30+ makes little difference provided people choose appropriate roles and play them well.

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I really don’t see why people are so against surrendering. If my team is getting steamrolled, I don’t want to waste my time and would rather surrender and move on to the next match. The only reason I can see for people being “anti-surrender” is ego. Yes, sometimes comebacks do happen but if we’re playing well enough that I think a comeback is possible, I won’t surrender. If it’s clear we’re getting totally creamed though, I can live with the (1%) chance that maybe we would have miraculously pulled out a comeback.

You’re right though, command rank doesn’t guarantee anything and as the game moves on, it will become even less useful as an indicator of how good a person is at the game.

For you to know the team composition means you have already started character selection. Leaving a game at that point, without even letting it get to a surrender is just rude. It’s selfish. You think those 4 people who are left a person down don’t also value their time? Or the other team of 5 people who were probably hoping for a fun match? They all sat in the queue and then for another 2 minutes for character selection and loading. Even though it may have ended up a loss for your team you are screwing 9 other people every time you do this. If you value your time so much make the effort to find friends to play with and stop ruining the experience for other people.

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Wow a lot of cowards here, you only fight if you are sure to win ?! pitiful !!

V0lum3 you spock the truth :wink: