New +150 Rad when less than 50% Health. Work in FFYL?

Does that new Anoint that kicks in at less than 50% health work in FFYL when health is 0??

Stack with a double downer +25% Damage Bonus when in FFYL??

Stack with all the above with a Grenade throw whith the +25% Damage for 6 second anoint??

You can see where I am going with this…

A “nechro” Moze build…

From what I can tell…it absolutely all stacks

150% Rad bonus in FFYL
25% from Double Downer
25% From Grenade anoint

All the while in a LOOONG FFYL where you are unkillable…because you are already dead! LOL

Add in an Artifact with additional FFYL Time plus Too Angry to Die…heck just die and camp out in front of any Boss.

Could you ever…REALLY die??


Was theorycrafting on something similar for Fl4k though. Fl4k cannot throw grenades when down though but sounds like fun and reminds me of Claptrap in TPS. He was pretty strong in FFYL as well

You could make a 0 health build with a lvl 1 Double Downer so the moment you take any damage you go into ffyl and do more damage. Dots would be a pain though since they linger after you killed enemies


The problem with a 0 health build is that eventually the FFYL timer gets too short after going down and getting back up multiple times.


Yeh plus the moment you kill 1 enemy you exit ffyl. It would definitely be bad for mobbing, maybe vs bosses it could work

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Bosses only…

I used to run a necro build with Axton vs Gee.

You stayed in FFYL as much as possible as the acid on the floor meant nothing and you could get IIRC an 80% gun damage boost from Last Ditch if specced correctly.

But with all the boosts to FFYL in BL 3, I think you could REALLY make a one time use of something like this with a boss like Wotan. I’m thinking you’d switch to shield and artifact right before you go to fight Wotan… you might even be able to use it to simply crawl inside the double shields while dead…break them…wail away on him and with plenty of time left…pick an enemy to FFYL…stuff like that…

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I have a 150/50 Yellowcake and a Rerouter.

When it kills me I get 150% I then Rez, and I’m at full shield due to G-Rank perks for the next amp shot, that kills 8 mobs at once.

If if doesn’t kill me, I might have to fire one standard shot between amp shots.

Because the damage is already ridiculous, I spec for AOE radius to get the most bang for my buck. Most fun I’ve had in ages. As long as there is something to kill.

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All this “nerf the Yellowcake” talk…

How on earth does a simple choice that is just plain fun for 90% of the player base “ruin the game”…

It’s a GAME!

and if they don’t like the Yellowcake, why they don’t make the simple choice to not use it just floors me.

I have NEVER understood that aspect or their reasoning.


I can kinda see where they’re coming from, when using certain weapons almost feels necessary to be competitive.

My Moze has gone from struggling to keep up to carpet bombing the whole arena. It’s upsetting my online buds. Haha.

The balance between the old and new guns is a bit off.

Sure it’s off…

My point has always been…who cares…

Think it’s not giving you entertainment…don’t use it.

And the idea you can’t play M10 without the new guns is totally false. I farmed all my new stuff with Westerguns :grin:

But yeah…I get their point…I just don’t agree with it and the stigma of nerfs almost ALWAYS hurt more than all the “rebalancing”…especially with casuals who represent a majority of the player base.


I did say almost.

The old guns can do it for sure but most of the new gear blows them away.

I don’t think they should Nerf anything though.


Right, if they nerf the Yellowcake, then that just leaves the players with high GR and “god rolled” gear having fun. People asking for YC nerfs aren’t asking for it because they find the weapon too powerful, making the game less fun for them. They have the choice to not use it. It’s more like they can’t stand the thought of anyone else, especially some “filthy casual”, having fun.

I see it in so many games. People who were at the top immediately call for nerfs when something threatens their position. But seeing as this game has no real competitive element, it makes even less sense.

And if they do nerf or “balance” the YC, then they need to bring other weapons up to a comparable level. Otherwise we’re in a worse spot with even less diversity and choices. What, are you going to use a Tunguska? Heck, even my goto weapon of choice, the Lob, is barely useable against the M10 bullet sponges, assuming they stand still long enough to hit them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Assuming backburner got fixed thats a viable alternative. Plus Kaoson/Sandhawk/Plaguebearer/Mongol/Scourge/Ion cannon?

Yellowcake was really badly designed for the overall game balancing, if its not tweaked we’d be like bl2 bee meta again where enemies have to be adjusted to compensate such ridiculous damage.

I actually disagree in a friendly fashion. I have no problem with the Yellowcake if the decide to leave it as is.

It’s simply a choice.

I grew tired of the Yelowcake “meta” after all of about one hour.

Have since moved on to to other things I personally find more fun.

But maybe someone else loves it so why take away that person’s choice??

It doesn’t hurt me a lick if they use it…it’s their choice.

I constantly hear about “meta” and just laugh. It’s a player’s choice just what they want to use. This isn’t a PvP game…there’s no competition except against yourself.

The “meta” is whatever I decide it is…for me…not someone else.

My 2 cents anyway…doesn’t make me right or wrong…just an opinion.


YC is not the problem in M10 right now, the problem is 99% of the weapons and IB cannot kill stuff efficiently

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Your argument works on the short term, sure. It’s fun, so why not let it be? Problem is, if we apply the same logic for every gun that overperforms… well… have you played Diablo 3? The Diablo team used to have the “nerf isn’t fun, so buff the others instead!” philosophy. Now the game is ridiculously broken, with weapons and sets that give you 50.000% of bonus damage, every now and then they have to up the maximum difficulty because it has become too easy, then old and fun builds become obsolete, so they have to be buffed to be viable on top difficulty, and then they overperform, so the others have to be buffed as well… anyway, this spiralled away until what the game is today, making a character is stupid easy, you can make a full build in less than a week, and then you’re bored because there’s nothing else to do.

Sure, nerfing isn’t fun. But it’s healthy for the game and the long term enjoyment of the players…

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Understand…and there is a tricky “balance” to a game like this.

I will never say bring “all” gear up to yellowcake standards as it is…right now…the premier OP wep in the game. The Norfleet of BL2 and GB never did screw with that launcher to it’s credit.

What I think I’d prefer is leave the Yellowcake entirely alone for those that like it. (I never use one now)

while bringing up some additional gear to make it viable. Not yellowcake level…viable.

And GB has already said they are reducing health values for enemies at M7-10 to help in this.

also…yellowcake will be out leveled like the wedding Invitation with the DLC 3 release…why screw with it at all just to get nerf haters stirred up…not worth it both in effort AND publicity.

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Unless the Yellowcake is added into the vanilla game as a dedicated drop at some point, then it’s not going to be worth nerfing imho. It’s a cartel-specific drop; the next level cap increase will be enough to nerf it by making it underlevelled compared to everything else, same for the OPQ. We won’t see them drop again until April-May 2021.