New aliens shooter game on the way

(Alien Survivor96) #1

A new game based on the Alien franchise is in development at Cold Iron Studios, it has been announced. The news was revealed as part of the announcement that FoxNext Games - the interactive arm of 20th Century Fox - has acquired the developer.
Targeting a release on consoles and PCs, the new game is a shooter that will, according to a press release, “explore areas of the universe that fans haven’t gotten to experience”. Sadly, it will not be a sequel to 2014’s Alien Isolation.

(Jake Armitage ) #2

Wait and see attitude locked in. What I didn’t read in that announcement was the words “Sega”, “time gate”, or “gearbox”, Solid start.

(Pulser) #3

I wonder what era/location this will take place in?

(Jup_Kozlowski) #4

It looks like Disney / FoxNext wanna take the Alien Franchise away from the “known” stories, charcters, weapons and timelines.


Ridely Scott did a “rule book” for the Alien Franchise as he did Prometheus, were the franchise can go. I hope the game don´t tells as the story after Covenant. I wanna see a movie for that and not a shooter game. But this is how it looks like at this moment. A sequel to Alien: Covenant as video game… O-o

I hope Disney don´t make it like they did it with Star Wars. I don´t enjoy the new Star Wars movies, full of running gag´s and the predictably story is just to…bad. It´s like with videogames, graphic isn´t everything. But this is was the most people wanna see today, great graphics / special effects and zero story.

IMO. They all should cancel every video game projekt in the future and should put this money into movies or stories (books). Every single Alien game was not succsesful and of course really bad made , expect Isolation and AvP 1+2. But even Isolation sold too little and AvP is swallowed. Every game was a kick in the nuts for the franchise.

It´s a shame what right know happend to this franchise. I pray for a Covenant sequel in the theater by Ridley Scott, that close the cliffhanger and give as the connection to original Alien movie. We deserve this movie and not another binary shooter that milking the $cow$.

(AthlonDude) #5

So far what I have read and heard about the new aliens shooter sucks. Even the announcement “a shooter set in the aliens universe” sounds a bit sketchy to me. They talk about moving away from known stories, characters, weapons and timelines, well that’s pretty lame if you ask me. Those are the things that brought me to the franchise. Sure I get it, don’t do something that includes old character and maybe move away from storylines that involve whats already told but still keep the style and weaponry the same. Why would you move so far away from what made people love the franchise?

Personally I hated covenant. It was an entertaining movie and it was well don’t but it completely screws up the timeline and David creating the Xenos? Come on Ridley, what the hell happened to you? I dunno, as much as I like Ridley Scott I think its time the old man got away from the alien franchise, between Prometheus and Covenant he hasn’t done too well.

Honestly, at this point I would rather get a remaster of Aliens: Colonial Marines that get a game that is going to go in the direction that this game seems to be headed.

(Brute 912) #6

I had no idea that Disney was going to get involved for the title. I think it will be successful now in my opinion. Only time will tell, especially for the new game. I’m hoping it’s a rated T for Teen game.

(JTBollen) #7

Ridley was never (and was never supposed to be) the creative backbone of the franchise; it was Dan O’Bannon and Ron Shusett’s draft (which always included the fourth act on the shuttle), rewritten by David Giler and Walter Hill. Ridley just exercised competent leadership in assembling the cast and crew and fleshing out the look of the film. Once he stepped into the screenwriting kitchen, the menu was screwed.

(Alien Survivor96) #8

I don’t know what to think…I kinda agree with Althon about how crazy it would be Killing Aliens in a completely different unrecognizable environment/planet…I love the Old Weapons like the Pulse Rifle and ALL the ones from Aliens the Movie and ACM…The weapons for this new game would have to be real futuristic and BadAss Fun for me to like it…I still wish they would bring Aliens Colonial Marines to PS4…Will have to wait and see how it looks when the Time Comes

(JTBollen) #9

ACM remastered and fixed on PS4 with multiplayer bots would be great. Currently enjoying the L.A. Noire remaster myself.

(Pulser) #10

Info on this new game has all gone a bit quiet…

(Brute 912) #11

@Pulser I just heard a new rumor about the new Alien game. The title of the game is called “Alien: Blackout.”