New Amara build

After over 1300 hours as Moze I just started an Amara. Only just over a week old so keen for some feedback from the Amara experts here. I’m trying out a Melee hybrid using the pschyo stabber, stinger shield, Cryo Stone static charge, level 65 Muse with the Fishslap being tossed occasionally. For the true trials bosses I do swap to the Guardian Angel gun, Unleash the dragon and toss a few fish slaps to speed things up but otherwise it’s a Cryo based no shooting approach.
Initial Nova hit is a little over 300 million damage and often the ties that bind hits go above damage cap so it’s putting some work in. I would prefer a commander planetoid with good rolls and a slightly different Muse to improve things.
Quick cooldown is the key to keep the Melee nova’s going.
Please let me know what thoughts you have on the build etc. as I’m a newbie on Amara.

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My comments would be that you’re missing a big melee bonus boost with the green tree melee skill Find Your Center, and you also don’t need 3 points in Remnant - it’s a 1 point wonder because the primary damage is based on overkill anyway. I don’t find that capstoning the purple tree is necessary to make melee Amara work, so I’d try to steal enough points from the purple tree to get down to Find Your Center.

I am no Amara expert either, but I have been working on my Blade Fury Amara build lately and it works fairly similarly to the build you are using.

I’d try my melee build setup with your gear… Here’s the current skill tree I use:

Amara • Borderlands 3 – Skill Tree Calculator | Lootlemon

@tysonyar is correct… You only need one point in remnant… but I don’t even go into the blue tree anymore… If you truly need Remnant, try the Death’s Blessing COM with a point in Remnant. It actually works really well with a melee build. If your goal is to use nova’s, then I think any splash enhancing skill will help…

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@korben44 I read your thread about your Blade Fury build when I was making my own similar build, and I find that I really miss Avatar in your take on it. Personally, I like being able to spam Phasegrasp over and over with very little cooldown, and I found I missed that when I was trying the build you were using, and as I said above as well, I don’t find that the purple tree helps all that much once you get down beyond Combo Breaker (at least not for the point investment required - again, just IMO). I know there are a couple cool skills below it, I just didn’t personally find them to be worth missing out on Avatar and other blue tree skills. I am also using the Phasezerker though, and so there’s that difference as well, and there are blue tree skills that help you maximize Phasezerker.

The cool thing is that the melee Amara thing (Blade Fury or not) is ridiculously strong with several different build specs, so it’s down to personal preference. I’m certain there is a “min-maxed” version of this type of build, but all of them are so strong that you can take the skills you like and then optimize around your particular playstyle. Really fun and strong builds, no matter how you set it up.

I use to be a urad/phasezerker only player… So I was fully invested into the blue tree. I played like that for about the first 2 years… Since then, and thanks to the Blade Fury, I’ve evolved my play style and builds. Avatar is something you can easily get use to doing without. The trade off is that your build will be more powerful with my setup. You lack any type of health regen, but that’s not needed in BL3, at all…

As for the purple tree, I spent many, many hours trying different combinations, and, for melee, a capstone in Purple and Green is the way to go. Now, this is assuming you’re not going to use a level 1 Brawler shield or any other low level gear like that… You also don’t need the Guardian Angel, ever… I don’t do the true trials because sitting there for 10 minutes killing a super easy target that just has high health, isn’t fun. And having to resort to using a glitch like the Guardian, isn’t my idea of fun either… Maybe once or twice just to say I did it… but there is no extended joy in it. My build does suit my playstyle very well, but if watch my videos, you’ll see that everything is relatively easy.

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Well I think your comments are fair, I do think you are correct. I guess my priority in creating builds tends towards maximizing survivability and DPS, so that’s kinda where I come from in my builds. I am not a huge fan of the more “glass cannon” type builds, but I also try hard to maximize damage as well. So my goal with any build I create is to figure out how to maximize BOTH survivability and DPS at the same time, even though I know I am sacrificing some of each. I like to never have to worry about taking a knee but also being capable of carrying my party if need me. In my experience, just about any build version of Blade Fury Amara does that at this point LOL.

Just to clarify what I trying to do here, is not shoot and use the Melee Nova. Therefore it is imperative I get Avatar. I also need to get ties that bind so I cannot remove points from those two skill trees.
Another conundrum is that to reach find your centre I have to spend 10 skill points. Personal space does nothing for this build so I’ve already removed that.
I’m currently testing an update with find your centre with 4 points into Root to rise and 1 in clarity. It’s better for survivability but I’ll do some more testing as I’ve obviously shifted a lot of points from the purple tree to get Find your centre.
Thanks for the input so far, it’s very interesting.