New amara player, looking for spiritual driver class mods

Mostly looking for weapon dmg and shotgun dmg but also looking for weapon dmg and pistol/smg/assault rifle dmg. Have lots to trade, let me know what you need.

PSN: Mattgamer87

I have 3 spiritual driver…pistol,shotgun and smg…do you have something that I need? pistol moonfire, cutsman fire, lob fire, one shutter shield, brawler ward shield level 1 and elephant projector artefact

I have fire cutsman with sntl or 100% ase

Its better That nothing…Il looking one for amara but add me I’ll give you spiritual driver psn woopitoo

Its done ( pistol and smg spiritual ) in your mail :slight_smile:

Ty vm

I have good drivers also if
you need.

Jnewolf21, I dont know if you have it…driver weapon/shotgun/splash?

Which ones do you have. Weapon dmg and shotgun dmg would be awesome

I’ll let you know when I’m back on.