New Ambra is Best Ambra

Thank you. No, really. Thank you. Sweet jesus,thank you.

Ambra improvements are amazing. Ninja improvement to leashing of beam. Heat generation so strong her legendary isn’t really necessary unless you still like to fireball. The cooldown, close combat role is great. New heal power is amazeballs.

Loving it.

Her explodey heal/damage balls are useless still; i get why you nerfed them after you changed the cooldowns but healing your balls is just too good to give up.


I can’t wait to try her out, will be on in an hour or two.
I’m theorising on dropping her legendary and Leechsteal Brooch (That’s what I run on her currently) in favour of both of the Vows (Vengeance and Zealous Fury) and her level 7 mutation (fireballs) in favour of the left augment (life steal on Scorching Strikes) and using her not only as a healer but a combat capable melee hero. With the addition of wound and slight nerfs to Miko, I can see Ambra rising through the ranks as the prime healer, especially with the changes to Alani as well. Jennerit for life, make Ambra great again! (But not too great, remember beta Ambra… :O)

Righ now I’m rocking 0 cost movement speed, a heal/attack dmg amulet, and lifesteal brooch.



Lol, was just about to quote that too! I am loving the new Ambra too, only played 2 matches with her today but damn, I love her even more now!

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Played a match against Ambra as caldarius (not the best match-up since she can’t miss me as I jump around) but she can lay this sunspots down eternally. I mean they just don’t stop coming. I completely stopped attacking her and focused her sunspots and she could lay them at seemingly the same speed as I could destroy them. It was crazy if she has a teammate it’s over

Edit: not complaining


Screw healing your balls at level 3. With her heal staff you drop a sunspot for 60 healing a second and heal them at the same time for 57 at level 3 with no buffs. As well as the 30% increase to healing from sunspot on level 2 so your healing 117+ per second. Never have to worry about being out of sunspots either with the new Cooldown


First Mellka, now this! Seeing as everyone will be playing Ambra now, I feel like those of us who persisted as Ambra mains all these weeks pre-buff should get first dibs… you dib. :wink:


lowkey upset because now everyone is gonna wanna play ambra and i felt lowkey special to be able to still do well with her before her changes. although, i’m excited to play her! she sounds better than ever!

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I feel you. Maining Ambra post-nerf felt almost like belonging to a secret society, devoted to the protection of a tremendous occult secret: she was still really good :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish haha @Slif_One has taken her every… Single… Time haha so excited for the stealth changes too :slight_smile:

Want to say again, she’s a blast–though new and improved Kleese is too.

I don’t use her legendary any more. What are people using for legendaries?

I’ve toyed w/ not using any at all.


Congratulations. You win all the things.

Leechsteal Brooch and Veil Manipulator.

Well, I’ve made two builds now.

Really, her post level 7 game is almost exactly the same if you go fireballs, so I go with her legendary still, a shard gen and a blue minus buildable item to get her to 7 ASAP.

But now that in-your-face is also just as viable all game, I have another build where I use a Pacifier and the Solar Sustainer and a shard gen, which means that every time I drop a Spot into a teamfight it’s +attack for my team and -attack and defense for the other team on top of the heals and damage. I have a hard time sticking to slippery characters with her melee, so this insures I’m contributing adequately.

I kinda feel like CDR (be it items or the level 8 Sunspot helix) is unjustified on Ambra now unless you’re using Radiant Halberd. Without Halberd, you’re already dropping Sunspots every 4 to 6 seconds on average anyway unless literally everything on the enemy team (including their minions) is kiting you.

…which I suppose is a legitimate concern on Capture but I don’t really play it.

I’ve gone as far to try both the vows on her, it works incredibly well but she’s no melee slayer so it’s more of a gimmick than a viable strategy. I like your idea, sadly I don’t have the Solar Sustainer yet though, but I thought the unique effect of The Pacifier only triggered from standard attacks, not skills? I may have to test it, if so that’s awesome!

With the Void Resonator and Leechsteal Brooch I ensure maximum healing and returns, Ambra is already very hard to kill but with those items she’s virtually unkillable. I’d suggest to try it out, I’ll try The Pacifier on her but for now I’m enjoying immortality, after all she is Sustained :smiley:

I may have to try and get a void resonator. Pacifier doesn’t specify. Would love to know what you find out.

I’m busy tomorrow so I’ll run tests on Sunday or Monday. By the end if the weekend anyway. I like testing before deciding on a build/loadout, I do it with a lot of gear, most recently with the rate of decay on the unique effect of the Codex Fragment. I like numbers :slight_smile: