New and need people to play with

I recently bought the game and started playing borderlands 2. I’m level 30. You can add me. My psn is paragon40. I was also wondering if anyone set up a ps4 community I could join that plays this game.

PSN is the TheGreenIceberg I’m level 55 but i could use someone to play with just send FR

Hey guys I’ll add you when I get home, I will also add you to a community that someone I play with started, there’s only the 2 of us so far but hopefully it will grow

Psn idlephantom

Hey, ive just bought BHC and downloading it, will be starting from my lv 50 Krieg and Maya here when its done (from my old PS3 save) id like to add you guys too, my PSN is Sup3rN3wp, also @IdlePhantom count me in the community too, add me if you can

Level 71 assassin add drinkingcloud, if anyone needs help leveling or farming let me know, I’ll do what I can.