New Annointment Ideas

So after farming for quite some time , while twice I got that specific element I was looking for and with that specific roll. First time had an airborne annointment , the second a one had a sliding annointment.

It really brought back memories … like sliding into my Lob orbs , or the time I realized most vault hunters have the vertical leap of a hippopotamus.

It got me thinking that we just dont have enough mundane task annointments. We need more variety. So I came up with a few, please add any you can think of.

    • %200 weapon damage while reloading
    • %100 movement speed while in photo mode
    • %400 Fire Rate while emoting

Personally I think these changes would add great build diversity …


100% increase to slide speed while in FFYL
100% weapon damage when off map
50% critical hit damage while fast traveling
33% reload speed while driving


-100 %damage when its on a weapon

25% luck after not killing an enemy for 10 seconds.

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Wait sec. This one is actually good :sweat_smile:

Every shot is a critical hit.

While reloading…

After Action Skill End, take 100% more damage from badasses, bosses, and named.

At start of Action Skill Start, weapon falls out of your hand.

When barrier is deployed it automatically falls through floor.

While Iron Bear is active, all damage you do is redirected to Iron Bear instead. All damage Iron Bear does is directed at you.

After unsuccessful Phasegrasp, Amara dies. After successful Phasegrasp, Enemies in map become immune to Phasegrasp.

While Fade Away is active Fl4k constantly loses HP, the more HP, the greater the bonus.

While SNTL is active, Zane receives frozen status effect applied to himself for duration. If Anti-Freeze mod is equipped, Zane instantly dies.

When using Rakk Attack, Rakks attack Fl4k.


Damage increase while holding your breath.

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Zane needs that one.

Now that’s the Mayhem we’ve all been waiting for!


Moze gains health regeneration while entering and exiting Iron Bear constantly. The more she enters and immediately exits the stronger the bonus. This effect stacks with other Moze players in the game. Firing your weapon ends the anointment.

After Slam (finally a slam anoint right?), drop an ‘It’s Poop’.

I got the perfect one!!!

Always spams “Not enough Room” when trying to enter Iron Bear

Oh wait … I think half my gear already has that annointment …

Critical hits on enemies increase their immunity phase time by 200%