New annointments only drop while cartel event is enabled?

I’ve farmed captain traunt, genIVIV and all the other bosses who drop new weapons at least 100 times each on M10. I only saw the new annointments when I enabled the cartel event.

Sucks because I wanted the plus 200 or 300 damage on most weapons and DLC weapons with out having to fight hordes of cartel thugs.

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I’ve gotten them on standard drops, some people think they’ll be gone when the event is over and some don’t. Count me in the latter but the real answer is nobody knows. I can’t see why they’d create annointments that can go on any gun/shield for the most part then take them away…:upside_down_face:

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I got the new shield annointment ‘On skill start’ last night whilst farming Traunt in Athenas

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I have seen the new anointments on weapons like the Hyperfocus XZ41 (300% weapon damage on enemies over 90% health) and the Plaguebearer (reduce all incoming damage while action skill is active).


Interesting… all I seem to get is 50% more elemental damage outside the Villa. When I went to cartel event I was getting +200 damage left and right. I dont know …something’s off with the annointment drops at the moment.

I had the cartel event turned off maybe that’s why ? Got tired of the bullet sponge annointed cartel thug popping up everywhere.

I’ve gotten plenty of them outside of the cartel event. These aren’t going away. They have to be permanent. Otherwise what would happen to weapons that have the anoint?

BTW, these new anoints are from Mayhem 2.0, not the Cartel event.

Hmmm, I went back and read the Cartel release notes. Some of them are from the Cartel event. I hope that they keep all of them after the event is over.

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I got a dope Plaguebearer with 300 >90. Torgue sent me a 300 >90 X2 Hedgehog in the mail, I was furious that mailed items don’t scale.

Bloody Harvest Terror anointments stopped being available when that event ended so I’d expect these to do the same.

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That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m seeing annoints that only drop in the cartel event

Do you mean just in the Villa, or on any map?

i found a sandhawk with the 300% annoint :slight_smile:


You can get them on default drops, too. I got an ASA 200% Unforgiven, a 300/90 Scourge and a 150 rad Kratakoa.

That’s what I’m saying I got a Maggie 300, Maggie 150 rad under 50 health, asa Maggie…same with hellshocks, and hyperfocus’s

My money is these are here to stay :metal:t2:

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I really don’t think these anoints are Cartel event related. I think including them in the Cartel event announcement was a mixup with the marketing group and it should have gone in the Mayhem 2.0 announcement.

Unlike the Terror anoints these anoints do not appear to be Cartel related in anyway. They aren’t 80’s themed, they don’t only drop from Cartel enemies, they don’t have anything to do with organized crime…they’re just…better.


I feel you guys are getting these annoints because you have the cartel event enable and most likely is dropping from a cartel thug. Disable the event and see if you get any new anoints…

I tested this… I did about 200 boss runs without the event enabled and got no new annointments. I feel as though its definitely tied together…

Do you have the cartel event enabled ?

yes i do have the event enabled. it could possibly be tied. i will try running some bosses with the event disabled when i get home later

@Yeahrel I’ll keep it enabled for now just incase, but the cartel thug spawns are tedious for me on M10.

Well I hope your reasoning and assumptions prove correct and I’ll add to them in that Bloody Harvest is a recurring seasonal event so terror anoints will return and Cartels is not.

Would be quite a kick in the wotsits if the tasty new anointments did go away.

@Prowler690 I dont think they will go away I just think the game is broken and have bugs at the moment.