New anointment (phasegraps casts ghosts)

This anointment does not seem to do anything.
Anyone had luck?

Got 2 epic gears with this on (grenades COM + Dahl sniper rifle) it seems to work [sometimes] !
I can testify I got the skulls flying on phasegrasped enemies several times, they appear as a sort of conish blue-green mist, flying straight to the enemy.
I cannot confirm it happened everytime though.

BUT, I believe I noticed a small latency between the moment the enemies got phasegrasped and the spawning of the skulls. So, maybe if you kill the enemies too fast the skulls simply do not spawn at all ? Not sure though :-/

I had 0 luck. Nothing like what you described. I tested time by not doing damage also…

Well that’s weird… I’m sure it happened as I waited to see them.
I’m playing on PS4 Pro, if this makes any difference… Also, tried in solo. Were you in solo too or multi ?

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Isn’t working for me at all on PC. Solo game, tried changing action skills, used basic phasegrasp,

And solved the problem, I think. The text fails to mention you must have terror on you for this to work. Tried it with terror and worked just fine. Which makes this seem pretty underhwhelming, honestly. Have to get terror for what minimal damage (3718 at 50 is what I’m seeing, 1 skull at terror 1).


It works… just a gimmick not doing much dps

Good to know :slight_smile: Yeah, seems pretty bad if you have to keep Terror on you to activate this :-/ I haven’t had that much Terror stacks on me, did not even noticed it was linked. Well done !

Btw, how does one get Terror stacks ? I got some on several occasions, but was not able to determine what was causing this, mainly because playing elemental Amara with TTB and SoulSap and AoE all around, hard to know what hits me with numbers, health orbs, explosions and all XD

There are anointed items that give chances to gain stacks of terror, and any time one of the ghost skulls fly into you you get a stack of terror.

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Oh ok thanks, I have no items with such gain so each time I got Terror, I got shot by one of the skulls :slight_smile:

I think the number of skulls depends on the amount of terror you have, 1 to 1, max stacks of terror is 3