New Anointments. ( I don’t have DLC5 or 4th Skill Tree

Why am I receiving new anointments 20% of the time for the 4th skill tree when I DO NOT HAVE IT… it makes farming even worse I’m sure it’s like this so I purchase the skill tree but it’s disgusting to push stuff like that on me after a year of playing the game.
(Why is this not apart of the DLC5 when you purchase it then it gives you access to the new anointments?)
Thanks for adding USELESS anointments to MY game.


Same here

I’m the last person to defend GBX hahaha

But I’m still sure not even they would use such cheap tricks to sell their crap hahaha

I think it’s just the anointment system that is fundamentaly broken :sweat_smile:

I for one hope they actually remove anointments and instead make normal guns viable. Or that they remove the anointment powercreep (remove weapon damage and globally buff skills instead of this crap where they have 20 different anointments doing the same exact thing)

I wish they would listen to their playerbase instead of throwing ■■■■ at the wall to see what sticks (and then push it out without even playtesting)


I’m not trying to defend it (because I do think it’s sucky that they drop when you don’t have the DLC) but I don’t think this is the first time GBX has done this.

I bought BL2 a couple years after release and I bought the whole shebang at once (all DLC including Gaige and Krieg) but I had heard that when they added Gaige and Krieg to the game, class mods for those two would drop even if you hadn’t purchased those characters… maybe an old timer here can confirm.

Yeah but those where just classmods :wink:

The new classmods are AR only… And even if they dropped without people owning the DLC wouldn’t dilute the loot pool all that much…

Anointments which allready diluted the huge loot pool on the other hand have a massive impact.

Gbx shot themselves in the foot yet again…


Honestly, I think is a little bit of both.
Like, the anointment system is broken (can’t disable some base game anointment just for some people), they could have invested time/money to fix it, but they won’t since it doesn’t affect people that will give them more money (players that bought the new dlc) and even forces some people to buy the new stuff

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Yes, that happened with bl2, but it is not because they used to do something ■■■■■■, that they need to do it again.
It is not just because they always did something wrong that we have to accept they doing something wrong now. It is like with EA, they used to do some pretty shady ■■■■, people complained more every time and they actually are doing some pretty good games now.