New AR damage Relic versus the Bone

It has been a while but from what I remember straight additive gun damage bonuses like the new mouthwash relic were almost always outpaced by an elemental bone relic because the elemental damage was multiplicative.

Yet, I have seen several posts in other places claiming that the mouthwash relic on the Toothpick actually outpaces the Bone.

Can anybody confirm or deny either way whether this is the case?


From what I saw in my tests the Mouthwash works just like any other agression relic and gives you additive bonus of 47.5% to assault rifles and additional 200% to Toothpick. +247.5% gun damage for Toothpick in total.

Elemental relics give up to approximately +40% damage.

The Mouthwash bonus is going to be equal to an elemental relic bonus if +247.5% gun damage is 40% of the total gun damage. This happens if you have +518.75% gun damage.

100% + 518.75% + 247.5% = (100% + 518.75%) * 1.4 = 866.25%

If you have less than +519% gun damage the Mouthwash is better than an elemental relic.

I guess it is only Gaige who can get so much gun damage that elemental relic is going to outpace the Mouthwash.


Thank you! Would the Bee and Unlisted Pellets receiving Full Amp damage skew this?

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I forgot about the Bee.

Amp damage is additive to gun damage bonuses so if you use the Bee an elemental relic should be better.


Just tested Mouthwash with The Bee on Axton.

Actually the amp damage isn’t enough to make an elemental relic better, Mouthwash still outdamages it by around 15%. My Bee wasn’t perfect though.


Holy Moly. So I’m thinking A Rifleman Com, Mouthwash Toothpick and Bee with Overload specced.

Or a tad less gun damage for the overall goodness of a Legendary Soldier com.

Or something wild and crazy like Axton’s Chaotic Neutral Ranger Com