New Arms Race Loot Pool in a Month?

Been playing Arms Race a lot. it’s fun and different and I love the map. Can be frustrating as heck if you are just not getting decent loot that actually kills things and I still have not gotten to every part of this map.

But overall…Yeah…it’s good. A nice diversion and something different added to the game.


I have gotten just about all the loot I want with good anoints so…

Besides the mode itself being fun…In about another week…

What incentive do I have to come back?

To make people keep coming back…over and over… I just think they are going to HAVE TO change the loot pool with some new additional offerings about every 6 weeks or so.

Otherwise this mode will just die on the vine…a short diversion…nothing more.


I vote for PvP :grinning:

I mean it’s supposed to be a short diversion it’s to tide you over until the next DLC. They might add a new map or something tho

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Reasons why we have events

Seems like a lot of coding and work for a short diversion, to be soon forgotten…but I understand what you are saying.

With a little effort they could keep it from becoming a ghost town.


I really hope they do something like that. It’d be a shame to let such a fun addition get stagnant.


I mean financially speaking they don’t really get much from keeping it from becoming a ghost town. I mean remember proving grounds I don’t think people run that anymore, I forgot it was a thing until recently I don’t think thats getting an update anytime soon. Anyways people who were gonna buy it bought it already its not like a live service where they can throw in mtx and keeping you playing and buying are of the upmost importance.Also you did say it was fun do you or any1 need more incentive then that to play? I mean they could release new dlc maps in the future but, how much will they change is a big question and all you can do is wait.

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Worthless events with level cap raises, yeah… The only one without was the last Halloween event and before we grinded and played right before a level cap raise.

It’s going to “die on the vine” after a month because it’s dull, unimaginative, and is essentially a rip of another game that’s been forced into Borderlands.

I’m glad you enjoy it, but this Arms Race is the worst thing Gearbox has done for Borderlands, and also why it’s already running out of steam a week after its release.

I also have all the loot, which is amazing overall, except for the shotgun, but every time I play this I get pissed off I paid money for this.

So after a weeks time, excluding the minority that enjoys it( good for them, glad some people are having fun) what are the aspects of Arms Race that the majority of the community dislikes?(in no particular order)

-Unable to use new loot and skills
-extraction system and loot access/capture
-Dull map
-Unimaginative boss fight
-Designed for Co-op
-Public matchmaking doesn’t work
-Poor weapon system
-No scaling for Mayhem 10/11
-Success based on weapon drops instead of skill
-Doesn’t feel like a Borderlands game

Overall, Arms Race is anti-Borderlands and delivers a gaming experience that is the complete opposite of what Vault Hunters have grown to enjoy over the past year.

While initially it delivers a change of pace that seems interesting in the interim, in reality, due to the lack of creativity, originality, and synergy with the base game, Arms Race has little to no long-term value and
diminishes enthusiasm for the next DLC release.


Well its either that or a game that released, then some dlc released and then whoever plays it plays it as is, with no further support…

Its a mode, not the whole game, its a single map with a legendary loot table, some of which wasn’t exactly usable end game, a player does not have to play it. Its a mode… Just don’t play it. No, the majority of the community did not get a game add on made for them just yet.

I don’t play it for the loot. Well, technically i am - lol, but i don’t play it for the rewards, that’s a bonus.

No, i’m fleeing from mayhem mode and its scaling shenanigans. It’s a shame it requires a seperate mode where everything is disabled and stripped from me but meh, whatever. I’m enjoying it so far. The snowstorm doesn’t bother me, it adds an incentive to keep moving and a bit of challange.

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I used to get a lot of public Proving Grounds matches back when Mayhem 1.0 system was active. When Mayhem 2.0 was release, it got reduced. When modded gear came, PG became too cheesy to run with. There’s less people interested in the drops from PG as well.


I keep seeing you say this, but it’s just so untrue.

Borderlands has always been about shooting and looting through wild enemies to upgrade your loot and hopefully get a lucky drop. The skills have always been there to provide variety of play.

This seperate mode gives you plenty of variety of play based around borderlands unique mechanics such as, preparing for second wind, hoping for great gear drops, playing with friends, matching elements to health bars, yes tediore explosions and the surprises that come with them.

We’ve had fun time limited missions in the past such as the beatdown bar brawl. The murdercane is the same as, if not better than, that countdown. It adds pressure, stakes, and strategy, exactly how it’s meant to. It’s not broken.

This is the exact same thing that we’ve been doing since 2009. Shooting and looting pandora with variety thrown in. I am sorry it missed the mark for you though. I hope you have fun in the main game.

Edit: on topic - all good BRs mix the loot up every now and then. Seems like it’d be healthy for AR too.


Arms race SUCKS


Here I have to disagree. Maybe in BL 1 it was all about the guns and the gear, builds were meh back then, but from BL2 on then BLTP and now BL3, this game is about builds, not only builds about guns, but also meaningfull skill trees. And dropping in not having even your basic action skill (i don’t need full skill trees tbh) is a bit of a shame really. Let us loot our gear, I really don’t have a problem with that, heck it’s fun even (excluding the times where you get no maliwan/COV/TEdiore/Dhal weapon to begin with) But atleast throw us a bone really.
It doesnt even matter wich character you play in AR, they are all the same.

On topic, I really love this idea of getting new loot from time to time, maybe change up the map too. This game has ENDLESS potential if you ask me, but the execution is a bit to be desired for now. I’m sure this will get adjustements in the following months, so let’s just see.


I vote against PvP :smiley:
I like OP’s suggestion of a rotating loot pool, though. Hell, while they’re at it, do the same for Proving Grounds and Slaughter Circles, too.

It’s a bit of a shame, though, because they’d still be playing catch-up to bunch of other games that are similar to what Arms Race is supposed to be.


I like building too. Good thing we can still play around with meaningful skill trees and builds in the main game but this is a seperate mode. My only point was that this is not like fortnite or cod or pubg, this has all the elements of a borderlands game. Minus different characters and skill trees but-

-that’s the point isn’t it? A PvE BR, some place where every VH is on an equal playing field, a mode where new-u can’t save you and your gear, where you have to plan your build on the fly rather than in sanctuary, etc.

My 2¢

I think BL3 is trying to be too much to too many people.

If you like BL series than run the base game.

Want god mode? Then run end game and min/max with more legendaries than enemies (barely an exaggeration :grin:)

Want more difficulty (and seizures)? Turn on Mayhem

Like staring at a wall (or catch up on YT vids)? Farm on console.

Rouge-like? We got AR.

Love Pokemon? Come collect all our guns.

Lust for long odds? Try our annointment system.

Love your hard earned build? Well… we’ve got nothing for that… We’ll probably nerf your favorite skills (or just break them), rotate viable weapons as often as we like and shift the meta ad nauseum. But hey, at least you get to farm again.

We’ve got skills, guns, guardian ranks (compatibility may vary, I’m looking at you AR) and enough randomness to be three games in one.

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Well I actually thought I would hate it, but I don’t.

There is no doubt that it is far far better to run it in co-op mode with people you can work with. But you can make solo work as well…lAlbeit a slower loot gathering process.

And yeah maybe it’s just a throwaway event for a month of content, kind of like an event. But this seems to have had so much more effort than a normal event.

I just think that was very little effort they could simply change up the loot pool every six weeks or so and people would keep coming back.

I’m curious to see what they follow up with that is supposed to be “endgame content” that will keep players interested like it did in Borderlands 2.

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Refuting some of these points (in no particular order)

Arms race without the murdercane defeats the entire purpose of the game mode

Not sure what the problem with this is. I like extracting select gear and not every crap piece I find.

Wtf does this even mean? The initial drop in?

%100 subjective

Applies to the base game as well

I found the weapon scaling to be much better than the main game in all honesty

Depends on the skill of the player, I cleared it with a white Jakobs pistol and shotty from the starter chest.

It certainly does to me.

While I am kinda disappointed with arms race this witch hunt is getting out of hand