New Arms Race Loot Pool in a Month?

I agree with your points. AR is a different mode and not as bad as it is made out to be. When compared directly to end game though I can see why it is disliked.

For me it feels like the first time playing BL3. Which, when I’m in the mood, can be fun. Cursing at spiderants to turn around and for enemies to pop their head up for just a sec, or wondering why I can run to the other side of an area by the time my gun reloads :grin:. Ahhh memories.

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You have to be freaking joking. Arms Race is terrible, we’ve never been stuck with Base Weapons before, and this is just a weak knockoff of Fortnite and other Battle Royale games.

You like it . Good for you, I’m glad someone does. If I played this as a Demo, I never would’ve bought this DLC. It has no synergy with Borderlands and is the complete antithesis of everything I’ve grown to love about BL3 over the past year.

I can’t wait to get the shotgun so I can stop playing it.

It would have been interesting if it was an actual game-mode that could be expanded to the whole game.

First, no murdercane though. You fast travel to the map without any gear, or maybe a starter white gun. Arms Race scaling, go through the game play, extractors at each ammo machine.

But as it is, it’s pretty meh. Maybe they will add more maps down the road or expand it to other DLC locations. But for now, once I get my gear, I’m done.

We aren’t stuck with base weapons in AR either?

Funny, I always thought fortnite and other BRs were a pvp knockoff of the shooter/looter genre popularized by Borderlands.

Valid. I think this should be a free mode/demo to promote the main game.

Synergy means the combining of two things to make something better than the original. Why are you farming for a shotgun if it doesn’t have synergy with the main game?

Actually, having this be a demo would be fantastic synergy because it could convert BR players to borderlands just so they can use their new loot. (Let’s at least try to tie this into the topic we’re in.) Fortnite introduces new guns and maps that have zero synergy with save the world mode. Borderlands has done the opposite, though it could be improved. (Monthly loot changes or events would be a great start!)

It’s the opposite of everything you love about borderlands? I’m not sure what you mean. It has everything I want in borderlands except for skills and raid bosses, so I’m confused about what you mean by the antithesis of what you love in BL3. (Edit: I can guess you love character building, dialogue/story, no risk deaths? Those aren’t in arms race so I think I get you.)

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Yes this.

Arms Race can potentially be a players entire game. In comparison to main game and story driven dlc segments the Race offers a condensed experience within 30mins. Prospecting players looking to buy into the franchise may very well begin with Arms Race because it doesn’t require 60hrs.

Royale enthusiasts have been tempted without Borderlands becoming a Batt… I can’t type it, its taboo… Borderlands didn’t change much with the coming of season 2, this is a good thing.


They could add event gear to the rotation after the event is over. Two birds, one stone, etc.


Arm race is diffrent but it’s very good. For people who complaining about arm race, I really don’t understand… You don’t need to buy if you don’t like it.

Even if you buy, it’s only $15. If you think it’s too high. Maybe you should change to play mobile games… So many free games on mobile. Thanks

If I could choose between “no level cap raises” and “support” I would rather take no support tbh.

Feel free to share your ideas/thoughts on my post here :grin::

Serious? Nah, in my 24 years of gaming… Like a fanatic watching computer chips swell and evolve around code (magic wove by wizards) - I’ll take support, especially after living through the boom of arcade/home arcade.

Would have liked quite a few titles with support.

Running water never grows stale

I still remember getting “Pong” as a gift when I was a kid. It was a self-contained “console” with built in controllers and hooked up to the TV.

Yeah seriously… Take for instance FF12. On ps2 the game was great and than they made a remix of it and changed stuff. Played the game on ps4 and didn’t liked the changes. BFV is a game as a service game and if you don’t play it constantly you miss a lot of stuff. Same with BL3. If you skip a few months you also may skip the OP weapons like OPQ or wedding invitation.

They also made a lot of ■■■■■■ changes in BL3 like bring my ps4 pro to constantly crash after the Halloween event (before I had not one crash).
Just stopped playing during the last event.

Arms Race sucks, and no it isn’t too expensive for me. Here’s the issue though.

Think about this Brainiac.

Arms Race essentially negates the money you previously spent on the game since you can rarely use the items you paid for in the game mode, so in reality, you wasted $80-120 you invested in the game,
plus hundreds of hours, plus the return on the value of your purchase is almost nil every time you play it since you have minimal access to your purchases.

Also, Arms Race seeds control of your purchased content to Gearbox, who decides what you can and can’t use in the game and also where you can move in the game and for how long. So yah, keep telling me what a great “value” it is.