New artifact, some shrine and some new items

New artifact : unexpected artifact
Description : The unexpected is around the corner.
Effect : At each level, an unexpected event could appear, which would vary from the effect of another artifact, to a weather event (a strong wind that speeds you up if you go from direction A to B, but slows you down if you go from B to A, a meteor shower every x minutes, an acid rain storm that damages anything without an overhead cover), an anomalous spawn of some enemies. Use only if you want a particular challenge.

New artifact : Boss artifact
Description : Face to face
Effect : No common enemies spawn, but only bosses spawn in return. The number of enemies per map limited to 10. Upon death, each boss has a 5% chance of dropping a random boss item (affected by luck). Bosses will not spawn during the teleport event.

New shrine : perfect unar shrine
Effect : A very rare shrine, found 100% in the boss level, at the cost of 4 lunar coins allows you to obtain a lunar object that you have unlocked, with the malus canceled. The shrine is reusable, but with each use the cost increases by 100%.

New shrine : Friend shrine
Effect : From free activation, grants a neutral ally in the form of a small blue and purple will-o’-the-wisp, which can have one of these effects: 30% damage reduction | 20% damage block | +1.5 luck | 20% reduction in chest coin cost | + 200% chance of lunar coins spawning | free resuscitation | enemy health reduction -20% | damage + 20% | life regeneration + 3% max hp / s | Can be used only once, and have 10% spawn chance on each level.

New shrine : Gamble shrine
Effect : Upon activation, 50% chance to get 50% of all of your bonus items, but there is a 50% chance to lose half of your items.

New item
Name : Headshot
Rarity : Leggendary
Aspect : a common sniper scope
Effect : Increase critical damage by 50% (+ 50% / stack), and decrease fall-off by 25% (+ 25% / stack).

New item
Name : Gentleman
Aspect : A black top hat
Rarity : Boss
Effect : Each time you deal damage to an enemy, the subsequent damage dealt will be increased by 10% (+ 5% / stack). It also applies to damage over time effects but resets if you hit another enemy.

New item
Name : Uranium bullets
Aspect : a green bullet
Rarity : green
Effect : Hitting an enemy will take damage over time for 8 seconds (+ 8 / stack) equal to 3% (+ 3% / stack) of the damage dealt every second.

New item
Name : titanium bullet
Aspect : a shiny metal bullet
Rarity : white
Effect : Damage ignores 5% (+ 5% / stack) of the enemy’s armor and shields.

New item
Name : Sharp bullets
Aspect : boh
Rarity : green
Effect : Damage against elites increased by 20% (+ 20% / stack).

New item
Name : Heretic’s blood
Aspect : A vial containing a black liquid, with phosphorescent purple and pink balls.
Rarity : Lunar
Effect : Increases health regeneration by 600% (+ 300% / stack), but you regenerate it once every 3 seconds, and reset if you take damage.