New Axton play through

So Ive been doing a new Axton play through using just legit method to get gear.

Ive had GTA5 and Witcher gathering dust for awhile. Honestly, I just dont cant get into witcher so back into the borderlands.

I was hoping to pick up a slippery root at some point but those things are pretty hard to find it seems. Anyway TVHM not too bad since I found a purple ravenger at 46 that got me over the Angel mission and past the Warrior but now as I enter UVHM, I have very little gear. I did get a hornet and good long bow Mirv. Surprisingly, its been a boss killer. Not having used grenades as damage dealers for a long time at op8, I was able to take out Pyro Pete with grenade spamming.

I didnā€™t think this would be much more than a time killer that would result in something exactly like my current op8 Axton but the play through so far has been very different. Previously, I primarily levelled up with a torgue slippery root until I got a DPUH and Kerblaster from Torgue vendors. This play through has been alot more sneaky with grenade spamming and launcher use.