New BA “skill tree” broken

Please get this out to be head by gearbox ASAP. Some skilled such as the ads while in ffyl are currently broken in the newest update and do not work at all. As I said please get this some attention so that gearbox can correct. Also, I understand that gearbox is trying to make things not be super broken and op but all borderlands games have been that way. So, can we please let some weapons and characters get the buffs enough to feel powerful and fun again to use. I’m not talking about 300% buff to everything but small buffs over time till the whole community will be happy with the endgame and anything added afterwards just makes it a better and better game.

Your talking about Guardian Rank Perks in Borderlands 3 they are all broken, Gearbox is aware and they are working on it. We haven’t got an ETA on a fix yet. Expect to be waiting a while because of Thanksgiving.


There is actually an extensive thread for this topic already. And, as mentioned, it’s been acknowledged by the GBX Community Manager. Closing duplicate thread.