New battleborn youtube series and I need YOUR help!

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Since I can hit enter here and create a new line, I’ll also post some information about my new series here! :smiley:

What i’ll be doing is essentially an interview series where I talk too the average battleborn player, or not the average battleborn player, and pick their mind about the game state, how they play, why they play, and etc…

Our community may be small, but that just makes it even easier to showcase some of the amazing people we have here! (psst devs you count if your interested, notice me)

I will be running the show via the Battle Ready Youtube Community discord, anyone thats interested should join in there and reply here if you want to be interviewed!

Also I need a new name, current name is Battleborn of Battleborn.


Yea , I tried that too…
Sadly not much people in this small community will follow you.
My channel : Battleborn Pro Replays.

Good luck anyway

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I would do it, but i hate talking to people, i prefer words on paper. Sorry.


Wish you best of luck with the channel.

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I’m just hosting the series on the BRYC’s discord, the actual YT videos would be on my channel and most likely re-uploaded to the BRYC. Thank you though

How do i join to a discord server? Can i use my phone?


There is a discord app yes, you need to create an account at
You can also just use your internet browser, or you can install the discord application / program.


Sadly, I could not find an audience for my Battleborn videos either. I have maybe ~50 hours of recorded content and I can’t justify actually publishing many more videos if there aren’t any viewers. The seven I’ve published are here:

As much as I love Battleborn, it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested anymore.

Unless something changes, and I hate to say this, but I’d have to recommend that you focus your time elsewhere. I don’t think a handful of us making videos, regardless of quality, are in a position to bring traffic back to Battleborn and give someone a reason to care about Battleborn-themed community content. I believe the ball is now in Gearbox’s court.

I have the channel, I’m trying to get the channel verified to upload the longer videos that have been submitted, the BRYC is my ordael and I’m trying to publish videos that are made, but a few people haven’t responded to emails I sent out.
But rest assured it is not a dead project and I’m not dead.

Ok, but you didn’t reply to my e-mail to you, either :wink:

Getting verified only takes a few minutes. The hard part is getting 100 subscribers so that you can unlock the advanced features.

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I dont have a second cell phone, and are you sending the email to
I havent seen anything lately about the channel, so maybe it got put into my spam folder?

Dave - yup, I sent it to the address listed on the YouTube page. Just forwarded it to the e-mail you just listed.

You can have multiple YouTube channels under the same already-authorized Google account. A quick web search should come up with the how-to / steps to take.

Also, you can verify two YouTube accounts with the same phone number, but just two per year. Not sure when the clock starts - maybe after the first verify - but if you’ve only ever made one YouTube channel besides the Battleborn one, you can verify the Battleborn channel with that same number right now. If you’ve got more than two channels now, I think it’d depend on when you last used that number to verify an account.

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Actually I noticed the exact same thing just now, so the channel is now verified!
Also I am unsure about whats going on with the email issue, I have the BRYC’s email set to auto-forward anything its sent to my email, did you fill out the form to get your video submitted?
Also thank you for pointing out an issue with the form, you did submit something but its NOT meant to be 1 time only, I thought for sure I had that cleared up, but I will fix it, thank you again.

The series is now called:
The Solus Spotlight, Battleborn Community Showcase!

The first episode will be up on my personal channel, and then the BRYC hopefully this week. :smiley: