New Battleborn Youtuber?

So I’ve you’ve seen guys like Luna and Leafy they will play a game and tell a story. This seems to be a pretty good method cause for whatever reason, it gets views.

It’s a long story, but I came across this guy called the Octo King. (@BO_Order on Twitter)

It’s a new channel that makes talk videos. I really like them, and just now, he uploaded Battleborn! I found the guy on 4chan and we made a small group of friends. So I think we should support him and he’ll become a large BB Youtuber!

hmmm, it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna focus on battleborn, it’s just an old video that he happened to slap on in the background as he was talking about school drama issues dood, ehhh idk if he’s truly a /b/ tard ya know dood, but if he’s your friend or somethin’ then I understand man, channels that we should focus on helping grow are mentalmars, solus scientist, derch, and lordofon (coming soon to a youtube near you)

True, true. But I still wanna see what stories he has.

Doesn’t see “Lftstrafe” cries inside
In all serious; good luck with your channel. I’m sure your Battleborn content will be excellent.

ah geez, I knew I forgot to mention you, sry dood. gj on the multiplayer guides so far, and ehhh thanks for the good luck :smile: