New Best Character?

I think the build I’m making for Axton might just well might be the best character you can you use than can challenge most bosses and maybe even some raid bosses. And it all has to do with the Hail. It involves using 2 of the best builds in one. It involves the hail with the bee shield to spam enemies with a mouthful of lead and the Fast-Ball and the Evolution to quickly kill overwhelming bosses.

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If I remember correctly, the Lead Storm is better with the Bee cause it has one more pellet to carry the amp damage.
I can be wrong, thou.

Depends. The hail also benefits from grenade damage and the split projectiles both benefit from the bee together. Its also a moxxi weapon so it also heals you. And the skills that are mainly used for my build are stronger grenade damage.

Hail also has a VERY nice Crit Bonus…and you are usually dropping them in on the head, the Crit Spot
And it has the healing.

But the Hail does not have quite the range as the Lead Storm IIRC so a long range target like Terra from around “the Rock” is very hard to hit with a Hail while with a Lead Storm…it’s butter!

Range is kind of the deciding factor.

And the Bee is GREAT…buuuuut…it’s like paper at about level 61 onward and if you are in a fight where you are constantly being hit it’s amp damage will never kick in enough.

The ultimate risk vs reward scenario.

ik but thats where the fast ball comes in and you dont have to use the bee shield, only if you wanna. You could always give me suggestions to make it better.

Show me your build.

Go here and rebuild this…then copy the link

Well, if you really wanna use the Bee the best spec by far is the Double Up/Gemini, where you lose all grenade damage bonuses.
You need the aggro to keep your Bee up all the time. The fastball is going to Prevent enemies coming in melee range, but without the aggro a lot of bullets are going to fly into your way.

About the Hail vs Lead Storm, Im not a math guy but I think that one more pellet carrying the amp damage is what counts. I cant remember If splash carry the amp damage too.
Also, like John said, the effective range is also a factor. And there is no need to the Moxxi effect as you dont want to get hit in the first place.


And this is the absolute truth with the Bee…it’s a standoff/situational shield only from about Level 61 onward…maybe earlier…ANY aggressive playstyle not only nullifies it’s positive effects…it also get’s you killed quickly.