New BL2 player here :)

I just got into the BL series so I’m playing them in reverse order, just starting BL2 today if anybody is up for a new game :slight_smile: My PSN is MsPandamonium

Where are you from? I’m pretty far in the game right now but you could possibly join me in time…

I’m from WA, what level are you?

Washington? Not that it’s an issue by itself but the time zone differences might make our playing times incompatible, (I’m in Finland). But if you’re still interested I’m level 25. Here’s my thread btw.

Welcome to one of the greatest games ever made. Enjoy your stay on Pandora and remember, kill EVERYONE, and take EVERYTHING.

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Loving it so far, got the Hornet from Knuckle Dragger :slight_smile:


I’d really want to play a bit but I am not really in any condition of doing so. Still, if you are interested you can send me a pm as I really don’t want to reveal my terrible PSN ID here.
In any case, enjoy this game. You’re in for a long ride.

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Hello. I would be interested in playing just starting again. Message me here for my igname.