New Blog Post: Homeworld Remastered Behind-the-Scenes

A new blog post just went live on that sheds some light on what you can expect from the Remastered Collection whether you’re new to the franchise or a seasoned veteran.

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-squints intently-

Did we really decide that Research Units (RUs) and Resource Units (RUs) was a good idea?


The blog post makes it sound like the HW1 research ships generate a special research budget, unlike where in HW2 you spent mined resources on your research.

Am I understanding that right?

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tl;dr no fuel

is not amused sigh well time for lifeless strike craft

welp i am disappointed gearbox youve hear the community beg for you not to take out the fuel but you did it any way… i wont claim to be a programmer and understand why but i am disappoint… as for the research modules i am skeptical but i will make my decision after i play the game…

“Research has also slightly changed. In Homeworld classic, the more research vessels you had, the faster you could research. Now, in line with Homeworld 2, Homeworld Remastered instead focuses on cost, or RUs (research units). The more vessels you have, the faster you can get RUs.”


The part about research makes no sense at all.
In HW 1, multiple research ships could focus research, using two or more queues to make a single topic be researched sooner. Or you could have multiple researches running.
In HW 2, having more modules increased research speed based on a formula I’m too lazy to look up now.
HW 1 research only cost time, while HW 2 research cost time and resources.

Please clarify.

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Looks like there was a typo in the blog. “Research units” should have read “resource units.”

There is indeed no such thing as “research units.”


So what does multiple research ships do? Reduce the cost? Build times? Generate RUs?

Ooh, fuel has been retained for the Kadeshi! If fuel is attached to even just a few ships, there are always…moddabilities. /spock

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It’s most probably an AI script. Otherwise, why not make everything have fuel?

Sounds like a basic confirmation of everything we already knew, but I’m curious to see how the research thing works. Does this mean it increases the RUs you get per trip; the ultimate RU yeild per-map; do the research ships generate RUs over time? I’m curious to understand!

Thanks for the blog post. I’m not sure what everyone’s so up in arms about; getting impatient I guess!

Yeah, the HW1 research vessel changes are not explained very-well. I believe they actually meant each additional research vessel reduces the RU costs for research, as it would be odd for research vessels to be generating RUs.


Some clarification on the research changes in HWRC:

In both Homeworld Classic and Homeworld Remastered, the more Research vessels you have, the faster you can complete research. The biggest difference is that in HWRM, research also costs RU (resource units) to stay in line with Homeworld 2. We’ve also re-balanced the RU available in each mission to make up for this.


Sick; glad the more research vessels = faster research mechanic stayed in.

Now, that’s clear enough. Glad they kept that mechanic, I was worried for a second. Hyped!

personally i would of choses removing ru from hw 2 research to make it line with hw 1

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