New Borderlands 3 Idea: Gun Workshop!

I’ve always wondered, “With all these different guns and customization parts WHY CAN’T WE CREATE OUR OWN GUNS?!”

I’ve put well over 200 hours in this game, and while having a list and bank full of legendaries is cool and all, being able to create your own weapon would be that much more fun for me.

Rerolls and tweaking weapons is nothing new in dungeon crawlers or looters such as Diablo and Path of Exile, but why hasn’t it been introduced in Borderlands, the original Loot and Shoot?

The concept is quite simple, have a gun smith in Sancturary where he can melt down pieces of weapons into materials needed to make your own gun. Created guns can have their own flavor text with modifiers being added can be either randomly generated, or rerolled into choice based on materials given. For instance

Increase Melee damage - Materials required:

10x’s Legendary’s with Anointed “Melee Damage”
10x’s Epic “Increase melee Damage”
15x materials Legendary or lower

These of course aren’t set in stone numbers, but you get the idea. With enough farming and enough time put into the game you can make your ultimate gun built for your build specifically.

Of course the Gunsmith can be extended to other things besides guns such as shields or grenade mods. Hell even a Eridian Smelter that can reroll your favorite relic mods. But regardless a gun smith I feel would step this game into the right direction.

So what do you guys think?


I think that this kind of idea has been around since Borderlands 1, and if you search here for ‘weapon crafting’, you’ll find a large number of threads discussing it.

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I doubt it will ever happen. GB seems to only care about revenue and you playing longer by farming for perfect gear that is ultra rare due to the plethora of useless anointments.

Giving players the ability to re-roll anoints and craft weapons would take you away from the farming for weapon variants you have very little chance in obtaining. This would be counter productive to their current model of time wasting and redundance.

And Im surprised the mod didnt close this thread too.

It doesn’t have to make them useless persay but it would take the game to a new avenue.

Like in Path of Exile your legendaries can still be used up to the final fight of shaper/elder, but if you have the money and resources you can create these other guns. You could also make it to where certain materials are only obtainable by farming certain weapons.

But if GB is only about money then yea this would never happen. Shame cause it would bring in so many people and bring back so many people.


But this is gearbox were talking about lol still waiting for them to fix the LOCATION TROPHIES BUG since last year jus after its release lmao

But i think it would be awesome and would ELIMINATE modded items that float around the farming for that specific item (God roll) you want is almost impossible unless you end up getting lucky which like NEVER HAPPENS but on the same note it would also ELIMINATE the idea behind BORDERLANDS


What Path of Exile does is make certain mods specific for the crafting side and the farming side

Like for instance they have an armor piece that gives 40% life increase, but the highest you can get with a crafted piece is 15% health. But a craft mod can increase dex which isn’t available for said legendary. So depending on the build you have, you can sacrifice the health for damage if you tanky enough.

I dunno if it’s making sense but the idea isnt to replace weapons but gives you new ideas for weapons, and if enough materials (The most complex weapons become extremely expensive) you can create your ultimate weapon

Reroll: YES. My idea is
They just need to give us a reroll system using Eridium.

  1. We would keep farming to get the “ideal” version of the item we want (weapon parts, class mod skill set or grenade type)
  2. Then, we would reroll the anointments or perks using eridium and more versions of the same item as a payment (a lot of monocles for example), this would give us reason to still farm for eridium and the item we want but this would make the process less frustrating and more intuitive.
  3. We would be SURE that eventually we would get what we want or something really close to that while the process would still take time and effort
  4. Of course they would have to limit the ammount of rerolls by exponentially increasing the materials needed so we dont exploit the system.
    But, a whole gun crafting? No. That takes a lot from the premise of the genre.

This is a post i made on reddit and decided to post on the forums.

I think a good use for eridium and money would be to upgrade legendary weapons. This is a long post, sorry.

Upgrading a weapon would go from tier 1 to tier 10 (or more) and doing so would increase the damage or a particular stat per upgrade. The cost for upgrading would range from a low amount of money, to a mixture of money and eridium. At peak upgrades, such as tier 5 and tier 10, would grant that particular weapon an additional effect. For example ; the hellshock pistol at tier 5 would fire a corrosive shot after every 10th shot, and at tier 10 it would go down to every 5th shot. Here are some other ideas.

  • Lucians call and rowans call- at tier 5 body shots have a chance to ricochet and at tier 10 the chance to ricochet on body hits is increased.

  • Brainstormer-at tier 5 shock damage is increased and at tier 10 shock damage is further increased and arcs have extended range.

  • Ripper-at tier 5 shooting before meleeing an enemy increases the ripper’s melee damage. and at tier 10 the duration for increased gun damage after you melee an enemy is increased.

  • Handsome Jackhammer-at tier 5 thrown weapon explosions are increased from 5 to 7 and at tier 10 the explosions have an increased radius and damage.

  • Krakatoa- at tier 5 volcanoes are larger and deal increased damage and at tier 10 critical hits have a chance to spawn a volcano.

Upgrading could also be extended to shields and grenades.

  • Rectifier- at tiers 5 increased shock damage and extended arc range and at tier 10 upon shield deplete a shock nova is created.

  • Frozen heart- at tier 5 frozen duration is increased and at tier 10 deal more damage to frozen targets.

  • Moxxi’s bouncing pair- at tier 5 increased status effect damage and at tier 10 a chance for each grenade to deal additional corrosive damage.

  • Quasar- at tier 5 increased singularity range and at tier 10 a shock nova erupts on grenade duration end.

I don’t think the cost for each upgrade should be expensive because not everyone has millions of dollars and thousands of eridium to spend, especially if they are a new player. I also think the cost shouldn’t be so expensive because there are so many legendary weapons, shields, grenades, artifacts, and dlc items. This is just an idea i had so its not perfect, but I’m curious if you all think its a neat idea ( even though it would be a monumental task to implement) or a poorly thought out idea.

TLDR; using eridium and money could be used to upgrade weapons and other items so they can go brrrrrr faster and with some additional effects.

Or it could be nice if we coud dismantling gears to recuperate stuff. And of course, rerolling should cost more and more eveytime you modify a gear.

It’s just boring to farm 2 weeks the same boss or named to get a specific weapon with specific stats and you could never got it…

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