New borderlands game might be revealed at e3

so, i was just looking over all the confirmed things and for 1 i do think we get a pre sequel kind of game OR tales of the borderlands 2
one of the two

gearbox is set to show something at e3, and we know from randy that a new bl game is coming SOON
so this year soon as it looks like

question is, if we talk a skip like bl2 → PS
what exactly would you like to see changed in that game? basically a bl3 but re-balanced id say.
what do you think this game might be

do you think we get another dlc? or do you think thats it

I don’t think we’re going to get much more, if anything, for BL3.
But I don’t think we’re getting a new game announcement either.
If we know GBX, we can expect nothing and still be disappointed.


we know that a new bl game is like almost done
go to randys twitter and look around
im pretty sure it is also trending in the bl3 reddits right now

  • gearbox IS set to present something at e3

we get something, and we know its a borderlands game

i mean you are free to make other speculations about what else aside another bl game or tales of 2, could be shown there

in order

  1. is bl 3 PS
  2. tales of 2
  3. dlc for bl3

BL3 is too early in progress to pull of BL4 any time soon but thats basically all i want
this game is lost


is this a its a beta game joke?

I’ll stick with my original prediction. I have a higher standard for “knowing” something than “going to randy’s twitter and looking around”, and a someone being “pretty sure” some reddit threads are trending the topic.

I’m not saying it’s definitely not a new BL game, just not likely enough to even consider it.

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its not a joke at all
the game is bad and it will probably not return to its somewhat enjoyable state but it just launched 2 years ago so there wont be BL4 announced anytime soon


im pretty damn sure i said a jump like bl 2 → PS
nos bl 2 → bl3

like im 110% sure i said this

2 years already huh lolli XD
scuffed story, scuffed pacing, scuffed characters makes a GG auf me


even that jump requires some time
i mean i would welcome it
the graphic are more or less at peak just like the movement and animations
how long did TPS take after BL2?


tps came out 2 years after bl2 mate
and meanwhile they did also deliver all the dlcs headhunter packs and so on

it happened before, as long as they do not jump engines its not that hard

imagine if you take all the dlcs so far and slap that into 1 game as a solo thing
you could come out with a fairly short but still working bl3 pre sequel deal

it definietly would also explain why like 1 single person is balancing this game right now
and a banana is trying to bugfix

all the ppl sit at the new game

i mean im sold as long as they dont repeat that shtshow that is mayhem and the overall balancing of this game
it would be a great opportunity
they could implement our existing characters and add like 2 new characters so that would be even less work and have a hard reboot of all these failed systems and gun balance without really confessing to that failure^^


<.< i am 100% with you
i want a bl game without mayhem
no op lvls

im okay with pulling bl3 hunters and just giving them fixed skilltrees, and a 5th tree on top for some fresh something

fk me id even say make ava a fking VH in that one aswell as tiny tina… for ■■■■■ sake everybody wants tina to be a MAIN character





things i want
swords, axes, hammers, a shield like the shield guys( like give me mouthpiece killavolt and so on shields bro)

give me a dlc that is dragon assault that givs me tomes and other things to cast spells with instead of shooting… its literally the same thing as shooting but you could do some crazy cool aoe cast stuff


Diablo is over there >> :slight_smile:


so what you are saying is
i cant have melee weapons in a game that desperatly tries to make melee work

i cant have joke tome weapons in a dungeons and dragons dlc that are basically guns but shoot actionskills

cuz diablo exists?


GBX have more IPs than just Borderlands, even though that’s arguably their best known. Could be a TftB 2, could be the long awaited BiA sequel, could be something completely different.

Isn’t there another HW game in the works that GBX are publishers for?

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Aliens: Colonial Marines… 2?