New Borderlands Game Set To Be Announced Soon


I know this topic will probably be taken down even though the trademark for this new game is now public knowledge and several articles have already been written about it but whatever. It looks as if GBX will announce a new spinoff game on June 12th that is similar in style to the Pre-Sequel. The game will be called Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. All we know is that there will be 4 playable classes similar to other Borderlands games and the story will revolve around Tiny Tina. I’m really hoping we get to see some fan favourite Borderlands NPC’s as playable characters like Torgue or Moxxi. What are your thoughts about this yet to be (officially) announced Borderlands title?


Keep in mind that this is a baseless gut reaction over an unconfirmed rumor, so it’ll obviously be subject to change. Anyway:

if this is basically a stand-alone, XXL Dragon Keep, it’ll be the first Borderlands game in which I’m completely uninterested.

I hope it won’t be another fantasy-centric non-canon thing. With all the interesting times, characters and narratives we could’ve explored in a spin-off, I’d rather it be a fake leak.


That’s why I said yet to be officially announced. There’s been lots of evidence leaning towards this game being a real thing and I didn’t even mention the Randy Pitchford tweet that hinted at Gearbox developing a Borderlands spinoff. This isn’t as baseless as you think it is. You can even search up the trademarks for this game dating back to as far as last year. This leak was also supported by reliable insiders such as Jason Schreier, Jeff Grubb, and many many other insiders.


I haven’t read anything about this news personally until I saw this thread, but nothing about this information would surprise me, assuming the information is accurate.

It makes all the sense in the world to take BL3, make it work better (like it should have in the first place),and add a few new VHs - and voila! New game! I am oversimplifying hyperbolically here, I know this is still a lot of work. Just way easier than starting from scratch.

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I was actually referring to my feedback to this situation, not to your original post. I kinda felt bad to come off as extremely negative to this project so early-on, so I wanted to reiterate that my statement wasn’t my final judgement on the matter.

Sorry for being unclear, I didn’t mean to criticise your topic!

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No worries I appreciate the clarification

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Not interested , fix bl3 first and then I’ll think about it … maybe .


You must be fun at parties😂

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From what I’ve seen of this, leak sounds genuine (but who knows), though title could be “tiny tina’s wonderlands” or just “wonderlands”.
Check out this video for some more info: New Marvel Superhero & Borderlands Games LEAKED Ahead Of E3! - YouTube - honestly, I prefer the sound of “marvel xcom”, but we’ll see.

If tina’s name is in the title, I’d assume she won’t be playable, so maybe taking over as narrator from Marcus? Or directing you on missions, like Lilith did. (clearly a better choice than Ava, given fan backlash)
Either way, I’d assume some bunkers and badasses content (whole game, side content or a full DLC), plus more of the b-team.

My biggest question is whether this will be borderlands 2.5 or 3.5?

Overall, sounds interesting, but given how badly the current gearbox team handled BL3 (especially m2.0 and later DLCs), I’ll be waiting at least a year or two before looking at whatever they bring out next.


My Thoughts:

The B-Team are not Crimson Raiders, they are Mercenaries, so their adventures in the same universe don’t necessarily need to tie directly into the Main Franchise’s Siren-Centric and Vault-Centric plots. That leaves a whole universe for them to get into the thick of things, so this could be set before or after BL3 since they formed after Fight For Sanctuary and we don’t know anything about what they did from that time period and when they were hired in Borderlands 3 for that certain mission, along with the few little stories we get related to what Tina and Mordecai did in their personal lives.

If it’s a new game with the BL3 engine in its current state, with new characters, actions skills, and weapons, with fun level design and balance, if it’s priced appropriately I’m down for that experience.

As it stands the Ava maps play like Headhunter Packs with the singular maps for the quests. I say that to point out that they aren’t the best examples for what future level design might be like, and FusterCluck’s level design might be a better point of reference for Wonderlands. It’s the spiritual third act in the “In Your Head” trilogy of Dragon Keep, Claptastic Voyage, and FusterCluck.

Now, by my logic, if it was meant to fit between Fight For Sanctuary and BL3, focusing it on Krieg’s time with the B-Team and highlighting the bond he formed with Tina would line up with what they are planning to do with those two in the movie as well.

How do you make that work with a “In Your Head” gameplay concept? Well instead of having Tina tell a story as narrator, the plot device could be that Tannis worked with Tina in some of her experiments, just as she did with Krieg and Lilith. She mentioned she had stored minds on memory cards many times before and had a drawer full. She also mentioned she had been studying the minds of psychos, herself having gone a little psychotic from the trauma we hear about in BL1 & 2. Besides her, I think it’s fair to say Tiny Tina is another friendly borderline-psycho we encounter in the franchise. Tannis would probably be more inclined to study Tina as a first subject because she’s wild enough to learn Krieg’s psycho language, but civilized enough to run a D & D Campaign, well B & B.


Tina’s Wonderlands == Alice in Wonderland, adapted to Pandora’s world?

I’ll buy it, probably Day 1.


Tina is the White Rabbit, and she is also a bit of a Mad Hatter. So who will be her Alice?

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If another release is imminent, they must be kidding. Not buying any more gearbox stuff till it’s been released for a long time, AND it’s being praised as opposed to BL3.


I just see it as “leaks” but when it comes to “leaks” and “rumors” i have a hard time believing it. It just reminds me of articles for the next fighter for Smash Bros. That it just ends up being clickbait and just asks are they coming we don’t know.

But if true, a spinoff might be fun. Just hope it does a bit better (adventurous and replay value) than Presequel.

All we can do is wait for E3 to drop and be like “this is a thing now”

This has been a big question of mine as well. Maybe it won’t actually matter because it’ll be BNB themed game and prior lore won’t play a major factor into the setting. Im thinking this game could branch of in its own direction with new imaginative characters and a completely far fetched story line but who knows I’m just spitballing ideas here. Personally I would love for the time period of this game to be between the events of the end of Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC and the start of Borderlands 3, essentially making this Borderlands 2.5. Only time will tell.

I know I’ll buy it. Even with he flaws of BL3 (and 1, and 2) I’m always going to buy new content (even a trivially easy “raid boss”) so whatever Tina is serving up my money will be going out.


This seems like a good time to remind people that BL3 was both praised and (apparently) a solid / great seller. The Steam reviews still hold at “Very Positive” (81% recent, 83% overall, ~62,000 reviews), and that’s Steam. The units shifted also suggest the EGS also did well with the game too.

This isn’t to say that the game doesn’t have problems, or that some folks can’t play the game, or that it’s wrong to dislike the direction in which the game has evolved. But these things don’t necessarily translate to the playerbase at large, or the game’s reception on the whole.


I will be buying this, on Steam, when it is the Game of the Year Version.

I expect to buy it in 2-3 years.

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I haven’t read anything about this news too, hope it’s true.

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